10 Things Your Family Will Love About The NASCAR Hall of Fame

Celebrate the uniquely American motorsport, with the cars, stars and real life stories at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC

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This is an unforgettable family experience.

In the same way that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy a tour through a sculpture garden, you don’t have to know much about stock car racing to enjoy a stroll through the NASCAR Hall of Fame — in fact, this museum’s whole goal is to get you hooked on the sport. Nestled in downtown Charlotte, near the home tracks and R&D labs of the sport, this museum is a fun destination or side trip. These are some of my favorite things about the HoF.

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Nascar Hall Of Fame

Actual NASCAR cars are on display at the Hall of Fame

First, the Important Details:

The Hall of Fame is open from Monday through Sunday at 10am through 6pm local time. Adult tickets cost $25 while children from 4-12 will cost $18. But if you want to spend the day there, you can buy a day pass that includes a meal and a pass to the drive simulator, which will save you plenty of money. Here’s what else you’ll see:

1. Real-Life Cars

When you first walk into the Hall of Fame, you can’t help but look up at the cars fixed along the wall. These are real-life cars ned up on a banked oval inside the building; you may not know the importance of each car, but NASCAR invites you to learn with such a stunning display. 

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Dr. Jennifer As Nascar Continues To Diversify Its Landscape, Satterfield-Siegel Looks For Ways To Increase Opportunities For Diverse Drivers And Pit Crew Members. Being The First African-American Female Nascar Touring Series Car Owner And Sponsor Has Allowed Her To Impact An Entire Sport And Culture.

Authentic race suits and other track-side tools are on display at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Here, Dr. Jennifer Satterfield-Siegel (center) gets a first hand look. Photo: Rev Racing Facebook

2. Fire Suits and Trophies

The Hall of Honor includes  trophies, ribbons, awards, race suits, and photographs with personal effects like race hats. I had no idea how much racing has changed over the years — especially when it comes to safety! One of my favorite areas, though, was where you can see all of the colorful race suits hanging from top to bottom in a larger than life case.

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3. Interactive Touchscreens

After registering your card to access the interactive pieces before stepping into the hall, you can gain insight into more about the cars and racing legends. Whether you’re a fan or not, playing with the interactive touchscreens could easily be an exciting experience for the whole family. Want to see what is inside the car’s motor? Tap on the screen and watch it rev. Or maybe you want to see which is the smallest or largest track? There’s a screen for that. I enjoyed comparing the race tracks and learning more about what’s under the hood. The touchscreens are a fun way to give car enthusiasts and NASCAR diehards an experience beyond what’s physically in front of them. Giving families an opportunity to connect with NASCAR and the cars collectively through virtual and physical exhibits makes it a more personal experience. I feel like I discovered so much more through the interactive touchscreens than if I were to walk through without engaging with them. 

4. Family-Friendly Competition

If the kids or your husband need something to interact with, they can enjoy the drive simulator, the pit road challenge, and even sit in a race car seat. This is the kinds of hands-on NASCAR experience you normally won’t get during a traditional race weekend!

Adeina Anderson Nascar Hall Of Fame

NASCAR lets you dream to see yourself in that winning car! Photo: Adeina Anderson

5. A Personal Touch

Not every fact in the Hall of Fame is pure racing; it also gives a personal, human touch to the race car drivers who you may only experience on television. Normally when you go through a museum or exhibit, they have important artifacts from their life and a visual timeline of their accolades. This had all of that, but it also had each driver’s personalities encapsulated in the trophy and artifact cases. I loved hearing that Jeff Gordon didn’t want a race suit in his case, and he suggested that NASCAR switch it out. Why? He wanted to show one of his favorite moments, when he wore his black leather jacket on Saturday Night Live. His car on display still has the confetti from his Victory Lane celebration. It’s history frozen in time inside of this Hall of Fame, and I think it’s special to see it with your family and other race fans. 

6. Events Galore

The High Octane Theater frequently hosts fun, family-friendly events in its 278 seats. Plan your exhibit to coincide with a race-watching party or the screening of a movie to see the fun of NASCAR on the big screen.

7. Unique Exhibits

Like all museums, the NASCAR Hall of Fame includes time-sensitive, temporary exhibits that really dive deep into certain elements of the sport. After seven-time Champion Jimmie Johnson retired, for example, NASCAR dedicated a whole exhibit to his iconic career. Make sure you check back frequently so you don’t miss something great!

8. A Personalized Scrapbook

See something you love? You can add it to your digital scrapbook; that way, you can explore interactive exhibits and photos at home, on your own time.

9. Gear Up!

Just like all museums, the NASCAR Hall of Fame has plenty of merchandise for you to stock up on once you finish your trip. Treat your family of newly-minted race fans to a hat or a t-shirt to commemorate the trip.

Danica Patrick Nascar Hall Of Fame

Danica Patrick in the pink GoDaddy Camaro

10. Meet a Legend

Are you a Disney Pixar’s “Cars” movie fan? Lightning McQueen proudly sits on display just outside of the entrance to the Hall of Honor. Fun fact: this Lightning McQueen is one of three just like it outside of Disney. Enjoy your chance to meet a legend!10-Reasons-You-Will-Love-The-Nascar-Hall-Of-Fame

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