I Took My Son To the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo Where He Learned About Himself, About Me and Off-Roading

Kristin Shaw And Her Son
Kristin Shaw and her sonCredit: Kristin Shaw

School has been out for three weeks already, and my incoming high school freshman has enjoyed the freedom of baseball practice and Xbox, with the occasional book and daily chores thrown in. Sometimes I ask him to join me on a walk, or to play a game of cards, or run errands with me, and he often demurs. Usually, I don’t push. Mostly because, I have discovered, it backfires and results in an (at best) unenthusiastic response. 

I didn’t ask, in this case. I told. “You’re going to come with me to a work event on Tuesday.” I was heading to the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo for a day of off-roading with a group of US military veterans.

“Ooooookay,” he responded, warily. “Do I have to?” 

Experience Leads to Off-Roading Passion… Even If It Takes a While

Just Outside Of Austin, Texas, The Bronco Off-Roadeo Is Available For Those Who Want To Test Their Skills In The Dirt
Credit: Kristin Shaw

Celebrating Blue Star Families at the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo

Trail Guide Brian Harris Sets Up The Off-Roadeo Day For A Family From The Taps Orgnization
Credit: Kristin Shaw

Everyone Has a Story. Hopping in a Bronco is a Great Way To Learn It

Trail Guide Brian Harris Helped Veterans And Their Families Navigate Obstacles At The Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo
Credit: Kristin Shaw

And Then, We Met Doug

My Teen Learned A Lot From Doug Merritt, A 30-Year Army Veteran And Former Tank Driver
Credit: Kristin Shaw

A Smile From Your Teen is the Best Reward

Some Veterans And Family Members Had Never Gone Off-Roading Before, But Expert Spotters Made It Comfortable For Them
Credit: Kristin Shaw

Finally, He Understands Why I Do What I Do

Veteran Doug Merritt And His Wife Myra Joined The Veterans Through The Travis Minion Foundation
Credit: Kristin Shaw

An Open Mind Leads to Great New Things

The Broncos Are Put Through Their Paces In A Single File Line Through The Texas Countryside
Credit: Kristin Shaw

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