Let’s Go Car Shopping: How to Buy a Car Online Using the Carmaker’s Configurator

Let'S Go Car Shopping
Let's go car shopping Credit: Chevrolet

What do you need in a car? It’s complicated. And so is shopping for a car. Unfortunately, a lot of people start by going to a dealership and looking at cars. But that is the last thing you should do. The first thing to do is your homework: researching a car by using the manufacturer’s configurator. That is how to buy a car online, or to prep for in person shopping, to reduce the stress and pressure (mostly).

Configuring a car is actually a fun shopping exercise that I find surprisingly enjoyable. And, the tools that car makers offer on their sites are better than ever. You can find the answer to practically any question so you are fully informed if you decide to go to the dealership for a test drive.

So when you’ve done your homework and are prepared to start your car buying process, here’s how to identify what you need, find out if it’s already on a dealer’s lot, place an order and find out if there are discounts or incentives available. So take a cleansing breath, clear your mind and start to think about what you really want and need in a car.

Here is our video that takes you through each step.

The First Step To Buy a Car Online: Look at the Specs For What You Need

Vehicle Specs Is The Place To Start Your Shopping How To Buy A Car Online

Scroll to Find Which Key Features Are Included, and Which Are Not

Compare Interior Features How To Buy A Car Online

When You Buy a Car Online, Make Sure It Has Important Safety Features

Safety Features Are Spelled Out Here Too

Click the “i” for An Explanation of a Feature

Click The

Now, You’re Ready to Build Your Car

Build The Model You'Ve Narrowed Down

Double Check the Vehicle’s Highlights

Click On Highlights To Confirm The Details You Chose

Next, Pick Your Interior

Click Interior For Your Upholstery And Finish Options

Options Can Run From Many to Few And Add to The Price of the Car

Next, Pick Your Packages

See Your Build and Purchase Options

Your Options For Buying This Car Include Shopping From Local Inventory

Can You Find Your New Car On a Dealer’s Lot?

Click To See The Differences Between What You Chose And The Models Available At A Local Dealer

The Custom Order

You Can Shop Dealers In Your Region, Not Just Your Town

And Yes, There May Be Incentives!

Be Sure To See If There Are Incentives!

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