These Luxury Car Features Will Change How You Drive

Taking A Moment With The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus
Taking a moment with the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus. Photo: Scotty Reiss

We’ve gotten used to heated seats, adaptive cruise control and Apple CarPlay, all features that we first saw in luxury cars and are now ubiquitous in most cars available at all price points–often at no additional charge.

But luxury car designers and engineers are never ones to stand still for long. And recently, they have been focused not just on features that pamper driver and passengers, but that will deliver a better drive experience, keep you and your car safer on the road, and that will take the stress out of driving.

A “Pillar to Pillar” Driver Display Screen

The Coast To Coast Screen In The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

Diffused Fragrance, Massaging Seats and More Define the 2025 Lincoln Nautilus

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Is Large But Not Oversized Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

A “Squircle” Steering Wheel Is the New Luxury Car Must-Have

Lucid Gravity Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

Lucid Gravity Features Even More Luxury Spoilers

The Lucid Gravity Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

Interactive, Customizable Head Up Display

Head Up Display In The Lexus Nx Actually Shows You The Driver Assist Features Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

All New Lexus Models Offer this HUD System in Top Trims

The 2024 Lexus 450H Phev Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

BMW Takes HUD To A Whole New Level

The Bmw Neue Klasse X At Night
Scotty Reiss

The BMW Neue Klasse X Reinvents a Lot of Luxury Car Features

The Bmw Neue Klasse X Concept Suv Luxury Car
Scotty Reiss

Hands Free Driving

The View From The Driver'S Seat In The Buick Enclave
Scotty Reiss

Ahhh… The Luxury of a Fragrance Diffuser

Car Fragrance Diffuser
Scotty Reiss

Not All Luxury Cars Have a Fragrance Diffuser, But You’re Not Out of Luck

Pura Car Air Freshener. Photo: Sara Lacey
Sara Lacey

Massaging Seats Aren’t Just a Luxury

Luxury Options In The Black Label Include Massage Seats To Enhance The Driving Experience
Kim S.

Our Favorite Cars with Massaging Seats

Jeep Grand Cherokee Featured Image
Scotty Reiss

One Pedal Driving Will Change Your World

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
Annika Carter

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