USED:The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Reserve AWD: Perfect Everyone Dreaming of Winter (and Those Dreading It!)

Lincoln Corsair

It’s on the way, so get ready.

When it comes to winter, I like to be ready. The outfits, the holiday plans, the destinations that allow us to see pristine snow and enjoy winter’s solitude. The right car to get us there is key. After test driving the Lincoln Corsair I can see this as the perfect car for cold, snowy days (and, yes, summer excursions to the beach).

It starts with Intelligent all-wheel-drive (an option in the US, standard in Canada) which will run you an additional $3,600. But this will add Slippery and Deep Conditions drive modes. You’ll feel more confident in all driving conditions including rain, sleet, gravel, mud and yes, deep snow. Which makes it perfect for winters just about EVERYWHERE!

As the weather turns to winter we also cherish a heated steering wheel and automatic heated and ventilated seats. In the Corsair Reserve, your rear seat passengers will also be kept cozy with rear outboard heated seats.

Lincoln Corsair

The minimalist tail of the Lincoln Corsair. Photo: Connie Peters

The Lincoln Corsair Embraces Minimalist Beauty

Lincoln did something not a lot of brands do with their new lineup – minimal badging. This means that if you’re driving behind a new Lincoln SUV or crossover, all you’re going to see on the backside is the Lincoln name, and perhaps an indicator of engine or trim level. In this case, I had the larger engine option, the 2.3 Liter Turbocharged inline 4, and the 2.3T is badged on the back.

All the new Lincoln SUVs and Crossovers simply display the model badge on the front side quarter of the car.

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Lincoln Corsair

The Corsair is a beauty at any angle. Photo: Connie Peters

Small, But Plenty Of Room For Everyone (or Everything)

The Corsair replaced the MKC for 2020 as the smallest crossover the the Lincoln family. It’s not only the smallest but the prettiest in my opinion. Compact yet incredibly spacious and absolutely beautiful inside and out, the rear seats are so spacious they are great for full size adults, teens or even 3 child passenger car seats. And still, the Corsair maintains its small(ish) size.


Corsair Steering Wheel

I made my nails match the beautiful interior on purpose. Photo: Connie Peters

Lincoln Corsair offers Luxury AND Beauty

When I think of luxury cars, I think about classic lines and materials, attention to detail, and convenience features. Corsair offers up all of the above in the most beautiful ways.

I fell in love with the Beyond Blue interior (USD $500 | CAD $650) on the Corsair. At first, I was a bit surprised by it, I don’t think I’ve seen a blue interior on any car before! But the more time I spent in the car, I became completely enamored by it!

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Corsair Driver Interior

The Beyond Blue is simply stunning! Photo: Connie Peters

Safety features abound with the Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 Plus Package

Let the Corsair parallel park for you with Park Assist, rely on the rear cross-traffic alert and emergency braking when you can’t get good visibility in a parking lot and don’t take your eyes off the road with the high-quality head-up display.

I’m normally not a fan of head-up display – when your speed is projected and displayed on your windshield; maybe because I’m short and sometimes it interferes with my line of sight on the road. But the Corsair had very high definition display and included the outdoor temperature, radar projected speed limit as well as your speed, and it’s full-color! Plus, it was in just the right spot for me.

Lincoln Corsair Beyond Blue Interior

I fell in love with this blue interior! Photo: Connie Peters

Safety features in this package included:

  • Blindspot information system
  • Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking
  • Lane centering system
  • Rearview camera
  • Automatic high beam headlights
  • Adaptive cruise control

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Corsair Interior

There’s plenty of space in the Lincoln Corsair! Photo: Connie Peters

Forget the Key. Use Your Phone Instead

This is a technology on the cusp–you’ll see it everywhere in a few years. But right now Lincoln is one of the only brands to offer Phone-as-Key technology. This means you connect the Lincoln Way app to your Corsair and can drive, lock, and unlock and start the car without the key fob present! So you can leave your house with only your phone and still drive your car. You can even hand off the key to someone else–a valet, your teen, leave it at the airport for someone– and take the key back when you want. This technology is becoming more popular, slowly, but sure is convenient!

Lincoln Corsair

All the beauty in her grille too! Photo: Connie Peters

What We Loved in the Lincoln Corsair

Oh so much! The technology, the safety features, but I think most of all how beautiful and comfortable the interior is. I felt incredibly comfortable in the 24-way adjustable driver’s seat and incredibly stylish in the blue interior.

I also loved …

  • 14-speaker Revel audio system
  • 24-way adjustable driver’s seat
  • Welcome lighting
  • Beyond Blue interior
  • Phone as key
  • Excellent fuel economy: 9.8L/100 KM or 24 MPG


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What does this beautiful Lincoln Corsair cost?

The base Corsair starts at USD $35,945 | CAD $41,337 (the Canadian base includes all-wheel-drive). The Reserve trim which includes things like the premium ambient lighting and 14-speaker Revel system starts at USD $42,630 | CAD $48,615. With all the options (Pristine White exterior, Beyond Blue interior, Co-Pilot 360 Plus, and the 2.3L engine (versus the 2.0L)) as shown, and all-wheel-drive, this model would be USD $51,205 | CAD $54,851.

The Corsair Reserve carries immense value at this price point for everything that this luxury crossover includes and embodies.


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*The Lincoln Corsair was provided for a week by Lincoln Canada to facilitate this review.

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