9 Things I Loved About The Lexus UX 250h, An Urban Hybrid Crossover

Lexus Ux250H

The Lexus UX 250h is designed with the city-dweller in mind.

I had the chance to test drive all three Lexus SUVs over the summer: the RX 350 (which also comes in a 3-row longer version), the NX 300, and the smallest, the “urban crossover” in the lineup: the UX 250h. The UX was my favorite, hands down. It’s built for city living, whether that means it’s just you, or you have a small family. It’s agile, fun, beautiful to look at and so easy to park!

Scotty recently reviewed the UX, too, and has more details here.

I’m here to show and tell you the 9 things I loved about the UX 250h (and maybe even a few more things I’m going to be looking for in my next car!).

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1. The Lexus grille

The Lexus spindle grille, new for 2020 on many of their lineup, is a favorite of mine. Some people don’t like it, but I take no issue at all with the big grille trend, and the Lexus one is by far the prettiest to me. Its hourglass shape and tight, weaved look gives its cars a sporty, exciting look that I can’t get enough of.

Lexus Grille

I love the Lexus spindle grille in black! ?: Connie Peters

2. The tail light bar

This feature is modern and new and reminds of the Porsche SUV tail lights every time. Although the Lexus looks nothing like a Porsche, I still love that new trim look of one long light bar on the rear end of a car. It’s refined and brings together all the lines of the machine in a very visually pleasing way.

Lexus Light Bar

That tail light bar is sharp looking! ?: Connie Peters

3. How it starts – the digital cluster

This is something you have to see to understand, so I made a TikTok video about this exact thing. The cluster is completely digital, and Lexus has obviously put some design savvy behind the engineering of this startup display. It’s a nice touch to the hybrid crossover.

@xoconniepetersWait for it … ##lexus ##luxury ##carsoftiktok ##shedrivesnow♬ Car Drive – Alessandro Alessandroni

4. The conveniences and tech of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa

Yes, they’re all here in this lovely small SUV package. I personally cannot live without Apple CarPlay and depend on it heavily for everything from navigation to communicating with my family via voice-to-text while I drive.

Apple Music and my personal playlists are a must. I rely on them when driving solo because I love nothing more than ‘testing’ out the sound system in each and every car I drive!

Lexus Ux250H

I loved how compact it was for parking. ?: Connie Peters

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5 .The piano key climate controls

I still prefer hard-touch buttons over a touch screen when adjusting the temperature in my car, so I just loved everything about these piano-style keys: the way they felt, the way they responded, and where they were positioned.

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6. Wireless charging

This is such a great feature for when you have a passenger and you both need to charge your phones but you may only have one USB cord in the car with you. I loved that it’s in a safe-for-a-device spot as well, ensuring it can’t go flying off the charging base when you turn corners or suddenly have to stop.

Lexus Circuit Red Interior

This Circuit Red interior is on point! ? Connie Peters

7. The Circuit Red F-Sport interior

Have I mentioned how much I adore a good red leather interior? It gives off an extremely sporty and high-end luxurious vibe. It seriously POPS! If you want a cheeky touch of fun, red leather will do the trick.

There is F-Sport embossing on the front headrests. It just screams performance luxury, and I’m in love with it.

8. The moonroof

A moon or sunroof is a must-have for me. I love nothing more than the sun coming through into the car providing more light and a bright feel to any car. In the UX 250h, it adds even more beauty to the luxurious red and black interior finishing, which could get dark without that extra shine.

Lexus Driver Cockpit

While the infotainment is dated, the interior finishes are stunning. ? Connie Peters

9. The way it locks with auto-folding mirrors

Being a small SUV, it doesn’t take up too much space in a parking spot so this isn’t entirely a must, but it is convenient. When you swipe your finger across the door handle, the car locks, beeps, and auto-folds the side view mirrors, making it safe and secure.

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But wait – there’s more!

I truly loved so much about this car, how it felt to drive, the luxurious interior, and the fuel economy too! The UX 250h gets 42 MPG or 5.6 L/100 KM which is amazing and so efficient while still being so much fun to zip through the city and on the highway. I mean, what else would you expect from a hybrid crossover?

Lexus Ux250H

The whole body style is attractive. ?: Connie Peters

If you have a small family, the rear cargo space can still easily accommodate groceries and a stroller. That said, long road trips with a family of 4 would be a pretty tight squeeze.

This is surprisingly the least expensive Lexus you can buy, and yet I love it the most out of their SUVs and sedans!

Lexus Ux Trunk

There isn’t a lot of cargo space due to the battery pack. ? Connie Peters

Check out my full video review:


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