The 2024 Lexus TX Could Be the Perfect Luxury 3-row SUV For Families

The Lexus TX is the largest 3-row SUV in the lineup; but how does it fit kids car seats? 3rd row passengers? Luxury details? Hybrid MPG? We took a test drive; here's the rundown.

2024 Lexus Tx Scotty Reiss
The 2024 Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

I have so much to tell you.

All week long, I kept calling the Lexus TX the first full-size 3-row SUV from Lexus. Gulp. Did I forget about the GX and the LX? 

Not at all. Those SUVs are great at climbing off-road trails and steep roads to ski houses but less good at the school drop-off lane and long hauls to multiple sports practices; their third rows are smaller, and they have high ground clearance, not so great for people with short legs. If you can’t conquer the school, sports, and family routine, are you a real full-size family SUV?

I’m not alone in thinking this. A family SUV needs to accommodate kids’ car seats, extra passengers and lots of gear. A luxury 3-row SUV for families needs to deliver all the things we expect from a luxury car: leather seating, refined design, the best in technology, and a quiet ride. 

Lexus has been at work on the TX, priced from about $55K to $77K, for a while, and it’s pretty clear the team thought about the flexibility, car seats and comforts that families need and want in a full-size 3-row SUV.

We finally got to test drive this brand new SUV and experience its thoughtful details, room for multiple kids car seats, legroom for passengers and lots of cargo space in the largest SUV in the Lexus lineup.

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The Interior Of The Lexus Tx

The interior of the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

What Does TX Stand For?

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that since everything’s bigger in TX, this is a great name for the largest SUV in the Lexus lineup (also, Texas is where the company’s USA HQ is). But no. This SUV was named by Lexus engineers in Japan who continued the “X” naming protocol of the brand’s SUVs, giving this one “T” to designate ‘thoughtful’ and ‘three,’ as in 3 rows of seating.

Thoughtful is a good term to describe the TX. It’s filled with comforts and luxuries that distinguish this 3-row SUV from its Toyota sibling, the Toyota Grand Highlander.

3Rd Row Access Without Car Seats Installed Lexus Tx

3rd-row access without car seats installed in the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Everything Actually Is Bigger in TX

Especially the 3rd row. Finally, Lexus has done what needed to be done in its SUVs and added a 3rd row that accommodates full-size people. There is lots of second-row legroom. Buyers will have a choice of a bench that can fit 3 car seats that slides back and forth or captains chairs. 

There’s lots of cargo space: 20 cubic feet behind the 3rd row, 57 cubic feet behind the second row, and 97 cubic feet with all seats folded. Even with all seats up, you’ll be able to fit large things — Lexus says you can fit 7 20” roll-aboard bags. I would think you’d have no problem with a large stroller or a couple of hockey bags. And the TX can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Access to the 3rd row is great, too; the center row seats slide and tilt, giving you a nice wide spot to climb into the 3rd row (I did it many times, it’s good). Or you can access the 3rd row using a center row pass-through in models with captains chairs; that was easy too. In upper trim levels, there are buttons to fold the seats electronically; in the lower trims, there are tabs on the seat shoulders and straps on the backs of the 3rd-row seat to fold the seats. All center-row seats have manual controls — tabs and a lever on the lower portion of the seat to move it forward and back and to fold it flat.

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The Lexus Tx With Car Seats Installed

The Lexus TX with car seats installed. Photo: Scotty Reiss

How Do Car Seats Fit in the Lexus TX?

We installed our car seats in all the center seats in the Lexus TX to test out the ease of installation and 3rd-row access. The space is pretty well planned out, but there are caveats: bench seats are standard on all the TX 350 models but not available in the hybrid models, which have captains chairs; captains chairs are an option all but the base trim of the 350. 

Here’s how it shakes out and the configurations we like best. 

  • There are 4 or 5 full LATCH sets— lower anchors and upper tethers: lower anchors for every outboard seat and upper tethers for every rear seat. LATCH anchors are easy to reach
  • The best place for a rear-facing car seat is the center row on the passenger side, though the front passenger seat needs to be moved forward to accommodate it. Also, you cannot move the front seat forward to get past the child car seat to access the rear seats (the door pillar still blocks your way)
  • Two rear-facing car seats can be installed in the passenger and middle seats of the center bench as long as both are on the slender side. This allows for the center seat on the driver’s side to slide and tilt for 3rd-row access; this is the only way you’ll get two rear-facing car seats in this car and still be able to use the 3rd row
  • A forward-facing car seat can be installed in any of the seats in this car, but despite how large the 3rd row is, it would be my last choice because headrests are not removable to accommodate a car seat’s headrest, and you’ll no doubt have to get back there to assist with seat belt buckling; it is fine for booster seats, however
  • The slide and tilt function works with a forward-facing car seat installed
  • The electronic slide and tilt button will not work with a child passenger car seat installed, but you can pull the lower tab to move the seat forward and the lever on the seat side to tilt the seat forward as far as the car seat will allow
  • While Lexus measures second-row legroom at 39”, in our installation with front seats positioned for driver and passenger comfort, it was less. Our rear-facing car seat just barely avoided kissing the seat back of the front passenger seat
  • The doors open nice and wide, the center row headrests are removable, and the seats recline nicely for installing car seats
  • Overall, this is the best Lexus SUV for kids’ car seats; it has more room than either the GX or the LX, and the 3rd row is fully usable, even with 3 car seats in the center row.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | The 2024 Lexus Tx Could Be The Perfect Luxury 3-Row Suv For Families - The Rear View Camera And 360 Camera View

The rear view camera and 360 camera view in the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

TX is Loaded with Luxury, Performance, and Technology

If you’ve been envious of some of the great technology in recently redesigned Lexus SUVs, you’ll be glad to know that the TX is now among them. 

Not only does it have the full 14” multimedia system as a standard feature on all trims — including “Hey Lexus” voice-activated assistance — but it has at least one feature that you won’t find on any other car: touch-sensitive steering wheel pads that highlight icons in the head-up display; swipe your finger to select what you want to see and then push the button to activate functions like changing the radio station, turning on or off driver assistance features and more.

The Rear Of The Lexus Tx

The rear of the Lexus TX, Photo: Scotty Reiss

How the Lexus TX Drives

When I first saw this large SUV, I was a bit intimidated. It’s big, and I expected it would be a lot to handle, But no. It’s actually quite easy to drive and park. And it’s quiet. It has that dampened hush that shuts out the noise from the road you expect in a luxury car. And in the hybrid models, it’s even quieter.

We took the TX on the highway, through suburban neighborhoods, and of course, to the mall. It performed perfectly in traffic, accelerated nicely, and handled with confidence. You don’t feel like you’re driving a large SUV, though, with 6 chatty passengers, this SUV may feel more like a luxe people pod than the haven of serenity it is when you’re alone.

A Girls Guide To Cars | The 2024 Lexus Tx Could Be The Perfect Luxury 3-Row Suv For Families - The Rear Bench Seat In Birch Leather

The rear bench seat in Birch leather. Photo: Scotty Reiss

How is the Lexus TX Different from the Lexus GX and LX?

Oh, let me count the ways! It starts with the space: While all 3 have a 3rd row, the TX has the largest 3rd row and the most interior space.

The LX does not have center-row captains chairs (other than in the top trim, which does not have a 3rd row), and the 3rd row is not easy to reach with child car seats installed; the center-row seats fold and flip for 3rd-row access. The redesigned GX has captains chairs, but it’s significantly smaller, at 192” long, versus the TX’s 203” length; TX is also longer than the LX, which is 200”. 

And the GX and LX are true 4x4s designed for off-roading. The mechanical systems required for 4-wheel drive take up a lot of space under the body of the SUV and compromise space inside the SUV as well. As an all-wheel drive SUV (or front-wheel drive, which is available in the TX 350), the TX has nice ground clearance and isn’t overly tall, making its 3rd row easier to access and offering more choices for seating configurations.

The 2024 Lexus Tx 350 Front Face

The front face of the 2024 Lexus TX 350. Photo: Scotty Reiss

A New Look For Lexus 

The TX also has a new, more subtle look, with softer lines and a more demure front face than its siblings. Rather than a mesh grille that’s cinched in the middle, the TX features body-colored slats across the front face and side panels that tuck in behind it on either side for a less pronounced “spindle.” A true departure from the classic Lexus grille, the face of the TX is accented by slender highlights and integrated air intakes. Overall the look is more uniting than past Lexus grilles with a more streamlined look.

The TX is tall and, on the rear, more square than the RX but not as square as the GX or LX. The TX features a light bar across the liftgate, and the Lexus name is spelled out just above it. Unlike SUVs with windows that open separately from the liftgate, the TX’s gate is a single piece; the window does not open.

A Girls Guide To Cars | The 2024 Lexus Tx Could Be The Perfect Luxury 3-Row Suv For Families - The View Of The Drivers Seat In The Lexus Tx

The view of the driver’s seat in the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Choices, Choices: Which Lexus TX Trim Is Right For You?

The Lexus TX comes in 5 trim levels: TX 350, 350 Premium, and 350 Luxury; 500h F Sport Premium and 500h F Sport Luxury.

  • The 350 base model has a 4-cylinder turbo engine that produces 275 HP, averages 23 MPG, and starts at $55,050; it includes a center row bench, leatherette seating, 14” multimedia system, multi-zone climate control, power heated front seats, wireless phone charging, wireless AppleCarPlay and Android Auto, 7 USB C ports, digital door handles, 20″ wheels and Lexus Safety 3.0 with all the goodies including adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and road sign reader
  • 350 Premium starts at $58,450 and adds vented front seats, a panoramic sunroof and a power 3rd row
  • 350 Luxury, which starts at $60,950, adds leather-trimmed seating, 10-way power front seats, and the option of center-row captains chairs
  • The F Sport 500h has a 4-cylinder turbo hybrid; it produces 366 HP, averages 27 MPG, and starts at $69,350; it includes F Sport details, 22” wheels, heated and vented captions chairs, dynamic rear steering, and F Sport-tuned suspension
  • The F Sport 500h Luxury model starts at $72,650 and adds leather seats and Mark Levinson surround sound
  • AWD can be added to the 350 models for $1,600; it’s standard on the hybrids 
  • Packages can be added with things such as a digital rearview mirror, head-up display, advanced self-parking, digital phone-as-key, 12” driver display screen, and heated and vented captain’s chairs; check the Lexus website for exact details
The Cargo Area Of The Lexus Tx

The cargo area of the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Phew. I Told You There Was a Lot

And there’s more. Later in 2024, Lexus will introduce a plug-in version of the TX, this one with more power (400 HP) and about 30 miles of all-electric driving. You can check out the installation of our car seats, 3rd-row access, and more in our video, including the many ways the Lexus TX is also a really well-named SUV: The T for Thoughtful and 3 rows, X for SUV and overall, a really nice fit for families who need the space and comfort of a full size luxury SUV. 

The Front Of The Lexus Tx.

The front of the Lexus TX. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Disclosure: I was a guest of Lexus for this test drive. Travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own. Additionally, A Girls Guide to Cars may earn a commission from affiliate links in this story.

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