2023 Lexus RX Hybrid SUV 

Yes, it’s hard to mess with perfection, but of course, we have to continue to evolve.  That’s where the Lexus design team found itself as they looked down the road to 2023; the RX was due for an update— technology, fuel efficiency, and sport performance.

Many of the functions and commands in the Lexus RX are designed for a gentler, more intuitive touch: Gently push a button on the door handle and the door pops open.

Effortless Elegance, at Your Fingertip

Swipe your finger across the touch pad on the steering wheel and you’ll see the commands come to life in the head-up display. Drop your phone in the center console cubby and it charges wirelessly. Connect your phone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto once, and it connects wirelessly ever after.

Lexus' distinctive front grille is more subdued than before. The redesigned headlights are sleek and framed by sharp L-shaped running lights, and the hourglass grille has been softened for a waterfall mesh effect.

A New Look Adds a Bit More Luxury 

On the sides you’ll see sinewy concave new door panels; these give the feel of motion even when the car is standing still. And on the rear the tailgate is framed by a light bar and the Lexus name spelled out across the rear.

The LSS+ 3.0 suite of driver aid and safety features adds the ability to detect another car drifting into your lane and traffic jam help, which maintains traffic speed at low speeds.

Enhanced Standard Technology

This won't bother set-and-forget drivers: The drive mode selector on the touch screen controls EV mode, snow mode, and brake hold. If you love sport mode or eco, you'll have to get used to tapping the screen for vehicle settings and setting.

Not Everything Is Perfect

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