The Land Rover Range Rover Luxury 3-row SUV Is Quiet-ish Luxury

You want a 3-row luxury SUV that keeps the outside world at bay, to make every day feel like a day at the spa. The Range Rover is your perfect fit.

Sara Lacey And The Range Rover Tailgating
Sara Lacey and the Range Rover Tailgating

Fit for royalty, it could shout from the rooftops. But Range Rover knows it doesn’t need to.

The Land Rover Range Rover test car showed up in my driveway on a sunny evening, and my first thought was that it looked like a shadow. It had beautiful, dark grey metallic paint and blacked out tail lights. It crept along so silently, I admired how sneaky it was. The Range Rover’s updated looks – it was redesigned in 2022– include a overall flatter, sleeker look than the previous model. And yet, no less fit for a queen. Or King. Or you.

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Range Rover Front Seat

The Range Rover’s front seat is an elegant assembly of all the functions you need. Photo: Sara Lacey

There is Polish and Refinement in Every Aspect of the Range Rover

I admired the cool details like the blacked-out taillight piece on the back of the car. It looks like shiny black trim piece, but the taillights are beneath that veneer, and light up red when the lights are on or the brake is depressed.

I also liked the stealthy door handles and mirrors that tucked in as I walked away from the Range Rover, and popped out as I approached. I could not get over how smooth the Range Rover was, with very few creases in the body. Any curves and highlights are intentional and clean.

There are a lot of paint options that are satin, and though you can get flashy metallics, chrome is not an option. Buyers will have to forego the bling and go for a more curated nickel finish on the wheels. In fact, all other exterior appearance packages are darker.

So while the Range Rover is too iconic to fit into the “stealth wealth” trend, it certainly is understatedly sophisticated. Land Rover Defender 130 3-Row SUV Review: Now it Really Can Do It All

Range Rover Details

It’s easy to see the refined details close up in the Range Rover; they play out on the door panels. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Range Rover’s Beauty is not Just on the Outside

The exterior gives just a hint as to what you can expect from the rest of the Range Rover. The interior materials all provide a rewarding experience upon touching them. The knobs and buttons all have weight and provide a confident response.

The leather is soft and also resilient. There are features that surprise and delight. All wrapped up in a package that is supremely confident and capable. Every cutout where there are controls is paneled in wood and trimmed in brushed aluminum. The thorough attention to all passengers is special and unique, and it’s one of the things that everyone notices. Distinct, Elegant, Modern, Plush: The 2023 Range Rover Sport Evolves

Range Rover Gear Selector

The command center in the Range Rover includes a new gear selector that, while still electric, has a lever feel and fits in the palm of your hand. Photo: Sara Lacey

Is that Actually True?

Okay, I have to be fair. The driver and front passenger do in fact get a little more attention in my test car. That’s due to features like heated, ventilated, and massaging seats, and two glove boxes, both lined with fuzzy material to protect your valuables.

Front-row occupants also have access to all the systems in the Range Rover. Front passengers set the configurations for the fully-customizable LED lighting, which is entertaining in and of itself and can make you late for the dinner for which you were supposed to leave 20 minutes ago.

Third Row Of The Range Rover

Second row seats slide and tilt to offer access to the 3rd row of the Range Rover. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Rear Seats Are Almost as Good as the Front Seats

Those in the second row get heated and ventilated seats too, but no massaging feature. If you want to level up, rear passengers would also into executive level features and get reclining seats, and screens in the armrest controlling the climate and even a champagne cooler.

So in my particular test car’s case, the front passengers still get most of the love, but that’s not so in all Range Rovers. My test Range Rover had the long wheel base, so I had the opportunity to test the third row, in addition to the other two.

In My Personal Bubble Known As The Range Rover

In my personal bubble known as the Range Rover. Photo: Sara Lacey

And Yes, There’s Finally a 3rd Row

The 3rd row is new to the Range Rover lineup and is available in the long wheelbase option. This means a longer Range Rover to park in your garage or *gasp* on the street. It’s 206.8” long, so bear that in mind if parking is tight where you live.

Also, know that the third row has only two seating positions and a 50/50 fold. The good news is that the seats fit an adult comfortably from side to side, but legroom still needs to be worked out between you and the second row passenger. Ask nicely if they’ll scoot their seat forward for you. 

Range Rover Tilting Seats

Buttons allow passengers to easily move the center seats to access the 3rd row. Photo Sara Lace

Or, Just Push a Button

This is one of my favorite seating features. When you press a button on the wheel well of the passenger side second row, the second row seat tilts and moves forward. No, this is not a novel feature, but the front seat moves forward also, creating a giant space to enter the third row, and room for car seats too.

My favorite thing about the third row seats is that they each have a set of lower tether anchors. Wait no, my favorite thing about the third row seats is that they are heated! What?! Talk about burying the lede! Third row passengers also have USB-C ports and cupholders.

Even the cargo area is hospitable for hanging out. The opening to the cargo space is actually a clamshell, and not a full liftgate. There is a lower portion of the hatch that drops down, and the remainder of the hatch goes up, providing an excellent opportunity to tailgate. I love being able to sit on the lower hatch and swing my feet, and Land Rover enables this with an optional Tailgate Event Suite (which costs an additional $1950). This feature adds foldable setbacks, drop-down speakers, and lights to the clamshell, giving you the poshest party in the parking lot.

A Clamshell Style Lift Gate;

We love this: A clamshell style lift gate; this keeps things from rolling out when you open the hatch. Photo: Sara Lacey

Range Rover’s Cargo Area is Clever, and Ample

I had the pleasure of picking people up from the airport and their three carry on bags were easily managed in the third row with the seats up. If you’re going car-camping though, you’ll be pressed to fit all your gear in there.

You’ll want to check that space to make sure it will work for you. And yes, it was an absolute pleasure driving the Range Rover to the airport and everywhere else I went. I was so comfortable and despite the size of the Range Rover, it was easy to drive.

Despite The Large Size Of The Range Rover, Its A Delight To Drive. Photo: Sara Lacey

Despite the large size of the Range Rover, its a delight to drive. Photo: Sara Lacey

What’s This SUV Like to Drive?

The drive is pleasant and powerful and the engine has a little bit of a growl if you coerce it. I did enjoy the feeling of being in stealth mode too, though, and felt it a much better match for the vibe of the Range Rover.

The inside of the Range Rover is so insanely quiet, it seems silly to introduce engine noise. But also, I understand that it is fun when you hit the gas and get the immediate auditory feedback. If this response is what you’re looking for, it would be wise to investigate the V8 engine option. That said, the V8 is going to cost a bit more as it’s available in the higher trims. My test Range Rover had the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder turbo engine. It’s got 395 horsepower and is actually a mild hybrid. Range Rover calls this their P400 powertrain, and it gets an estimated 18 miles per gallon in the city and 26 on the highway.

The base price of my test Range Rover is $105,975. The Range Rover has an air suspension system, and even all-wheel turning is standard. This helps manage any inclement weather or tight turns (which, when you have a 206.8 inch vehicle, makes U-turns way easier and more compact). There is a park-assist system, and adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and optional blind spot monitoring.

The Range Rover Multimedia Screen

The multimedia screen is nicely organized and elegantly composed in the Range Rover. Photo: Sara Lacey

The Multimedia System is Elegant and Nicely Crafted

As far as multimedia systems go, the Range Rover will indulge your use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But I have to confess that I found the in-house multimedia system worth getting to know. It’s clean use of icons and clear labeling are gorgeous and while not easy to learn, I was motivated to do so because it complemented the look of the interior. And honestly, all in-house multimedia systems take time to learn.

The Range Rover’s backgrounds and icons actually add to the zen of the interior, whereas Apple CarPlay definitely feels like an interloper, despite my comfort in using it. The multimedia system is where you set all your personal preferences like the aforementioned LED lighting, you can program the key fob. In fact, you can also check out air quality in the Range Rover.

The 13.1 inch screen is crystal clear, and I had a lot of fun turning on the 360 degree camera in fun places like the car wash. The display shows a mock-version of your Range Rover and what’s going on around it.

In the event you like a few buttons and knobs to control the basics, you can do that too in the Range Rover. Climate control knobs make it easy to adjust the heat and air conditioning, as well as the seat heat and ventilation. By the gear selector, there is a knob to control various off-roading and traction modes, and a knob for hill-descent control.

Range Rover Driver Information

The digital driver information screen in the Range Rover makes everything easy to see. Photo: Sara Lacey

Still the King of the Off Road – If You Want to Take This Luxe SUV There

Speaking of off-roading modes, the Range Rover will get you everywhere you want to go. There are various off-roading modes and it even has a self-adjusting system so you don’t have to stress about it. You can put the Range Rover into Eco, Comfort Mode, Sand, Rock Crawl, Grass/Gravel/Snow, or Mud/Ruts mode to get you through whatever conditions you face.

And while the inclination is that one wouldn’t want to put such a beautiful sport utility vehicle through such, well, utility, it should be able to do it and do it well. And that’s what you can expect from the Land Rover Range Rover. That anything it does, it does not only well, it does it beautifully. 

The Range Rover Has Two Glove Boxes

How about this? The Range Rover has two glove boxes. Photo: Sara Lacey

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