How to Get the Best Smile From Your Kid, Ever: Kids Ride On Cars

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There’s nothing like the thrill of a new car. Even if you’re three.

Close your eyes and think about the first time you saw a kids ride-on car pull up in your neighborhood. I’ll never forget my Barbie Jeep, which I later traded in for a Barbie convertible. That’s when I knew I loved cars. These cars were some of my favorite Christmas presents.

Kids cars are almost the perfect gift: They cost around $300-$400 – even a Mercedes-Benz AMG or a Lamborghini!–they are electric and they only go about 4MPH. And, they help kids to develop eye-hand coordination in a real-world sense, help them build spacial navigational skills and give them the feeling of true freedom and elation.

Kids Ride-On

Quads have four wheels and make it easy for children to navigate around your living room, backyard, or driveway. ?: Amazon

Who’s Got the Keys to the Jeep? Your Kids Do.

My cousin had his own set of Power Wheels, and we could keep up with the older kids running down the street, even though we were far from driving age. My first real car was a sporty red Mustang, and was born from my love for a similar Barbie car I had growing up. And, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Jeep Wrangler even though it doesn’t come in wasn’t Barbie pink.

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Before Hunting Down Perfect Ride-on Car for the Little Ones, Some Things to Consider

According to BestReviews, you should consider the following when selecting the ride-on for your little one:

  • Battery: How much power does the battery have? How long is the charge time? How much time can you drive per battery charge? Who wants to wait for half a day of charge time for only less than half an hour of drive time?
  • Ease of Use: Are the steering and basic controls easy to navigate? Or will this be too frustrating? You want to make sure your little one can move forward or reverse as easily as possible. Of course, your child is smart, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re attempting to figure out how to launch a space shuttle. (Unless that’s your sort of thing, then cool.)
  • Size: Is the ride-on a good fit for your yard or driveway? Or would this car be better driven inside your home? What size is best for my child? If you’re gifting someone else’s child a ride-on car, please take into account where they live and where the car can be stored. If you live in an apartment and the car is probably safer driving inside, think about a smaller ride-on. If you have access to a yard or driveway, the larger one could work well. We received a ride-on Audi R8 for my son, which is super stylish, iconic, and exciting to receive as a gift, but it’s tough to store it in our apartment when it isn’t in use. This larger ride-on would be perfect if driven on a driveway or a big backyard. 
  • Weight & Height Requirements: Does this ride-on support my child’s weight? Can it fit two children? Depending on how many children will ride and their combined weight, some ride-ons can be better options for younger riders versus older riders. Another benefit to multiple children riding together is having an adventure together. Best part? You don’t have to buy two cars. Boom.
  • Safety First, Kids! Since there aren’t safety standards for these types of toys, how can you keep your little one safe? Knowing the government isn’t regulating the ride-ons, would you still buy one? Check if the riders meet the height and weight requirements. I had to keep our young rider out of his Audi R8 until his feet could reach the pedal. Even though he isn’t driving out of sight or going too fast, it’s similar to riding a bicycle. Watch your kid and put a helmet on their melon.

Fun fact: some ride on cars even have remote controls to help you supervise, while giving the children a fun ride in their car.

Now that you have some parameters to consider, let’s go shopping!

Kids Tractor

Kids enjoy ride-on specialty cars like this tractor, so they can pretend to have a farm or drive like the one they see in their own backyard. ?: Amazon

Quads have Four Wheels, are Easy-to-use, and Great for Young Riders.

Quads are similar in design to the Power Wheels that my cousin had. My Barbie Jeep was a quad since it also had a simple push-button start and stop control. It had a fake radio, which consisted of plastic knobs and a sticker to resemble the stations. Now, some of these ride-ons even come with built-in MP3 players. 

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Kids Can Ride A Motorcycle Ride-On With Training Wheels.

Children can practice balancing on this ride-on motorcycle with training wheels. ?: Amazon

A Motorcycle Might Be a Good Idea

Yes, you read that right. That is – if your kid is ready and can bold their balance well. This is similar to the look, fit and feel of a bike, so kids can easily grasp the concept. However, keep in mind it can tip over the same way. If the balance isn’t solid with your child just yet, these can come with training wheels. If you’re unsure, you might want to check out a quad or specialty car instead of this one. Know your child’s learning style, vehicle preference, and go from there. You know your kid best! 

This Ride-On Car For Kids Looks Like A Mercedes Benz Right Off The Street.

Dear Santa, I want a Mercedes Benz.. This one would look extra sweet with a big bow on it. ?: Amazon

These Ride-ons Brings Luxury at a Pint-size Offering

Can I be a tot again? I mean, when will I be able to easily purchase a red Lamborghini Aventador SV? Or are you a Mercedes Benz fan? We’ve got you covered, too. You can shop online or go into any store that sells ride-ons and find a  Maserati, Porsche, Range Rover, Jeep, and even Mini Cooper styled cars, trucks, and SUVs. Or if your children are more into special cars like a tractor, go-kart, or fire truck, you can find those too. 

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Kids Can Now Drive Their Own Lamborghini For The Holidays.

Children with a love for supercars can enjoy a Lamborghini with those fascinating doors. Whoever gets to drive this one will be the coolest kid on the block! ?: Amazon

What Car, Truck or SUV Ride-On is Right for Your Little One?

The car brands love developing customer loyalty at an early age  which is why so many great brands are available for young kids cars. But which ones will catch your attention? I’ll leave that up for you to decide which cars would be perfect to snap cute photos of your little one riding around in on the holidays.

Little Girls Can Drive Suvs Like Their Parents In These Ride-On Cars.

Little girls can drive SUVs like their parents and look stylish, too! ?: Amazon

Happy Shopping! Ride-on, kids!

If I could be a kid again, I’d still choose a pink Jeep as a ride-on car. Gift your little ones some independence in their new ride, while helping them get ready to be a great driver one day.

Ride on!

Kids Ride-On

If I was five and looking for the perfect ride-on for my Christmas wishlist, this would be it. ?: Amazon


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