Jeffree Star’s Fabulous Car Collection

Jeffree Star

Move over Barbie, someone’s got more pink cars than you do.

Editors note: More than a decade ago Jeffree Star used racist language and expressed racist views on social media. In the time since he has apologized and lost a significant number of followers and sponsors. And while recently he has shared support for those suffering injustice and for racial equality, he still stands accused of mean behavior that has cost him business partners and audiences, according to the New York Times. While we abhor his original actions, we hope he will learn, grow and change for the better.

Beauty YouTuber entrepreneur, Jeffree Star not only loves the color pink but on super-luxe cars. The star has quite a pretty car collection. And all customized to his liking. And if you think these things only happen in dreams, think again. Star has talked about his first car being a 1999 Nissan Sentra. Dreams do come true, ladies!

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Jeffree Star Posing In Front Of His Pink Bmw

Jeffree Star poses next to her “Barbie BMW i8.”

Do They Come in Pink?

No, and West Coast Customs is Jeffree’s go-to spot for when he wants to transform his beauties. And while many people will argue about the color choice, West Coast Customs shares that they love Jeffree’s pink cars. Most of the star’s cars are pink but he also has some white ones in his car collection, too.

The Car Queen’s Super Car Fleet

Can you imagine having a luxe car collection? Talk about self-made! The star beauty Youtuber has mentioned in several videos that cars are his love aside from beauty (and his adorable Pomeranians!). Every car Jeffree Star has is special to him. He tells his viewers stories about how he customized them, how certain models were a childhood dream, and how he feels driving in them. And we can all agree with Star’s advice: going for a drive with the music up. Because that is just EVERYTHING sometimes. In his video where he shows off his car collection, he talks about how going for a drive was therapeutic after being in quarantine for so long. You can see footage on his pink fleet here (skip to 17:46).

In Star’s collection are the following models:


Jeffree Star'S Pink Cars Parked In His Garage

Jeffree Star is a car queen with an immaculate fleet.

Getting Glam in the Car with Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is known for creating “getting ready with me” videos in cars, jets, and more. One of them being a video where he gets glam in the Tesla X while on autopilot. And not just a makeup touch but full face, brushes on the dash and all. The glam queen pretty much nailed makeup in the car.

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Jeffree Star’s Cars are Not Just Cars

You can tell how much this star’s car collection means to him. They’re seen all over his Instagram feed and he usually matches his outfits or accessories with them. And the cars just go with Jeffree Stars personality… if that makes sense. Seriously, Barbie who?

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