Is the GMC Hummer Electric Pickup Truck Also a Family Friendly EV?

Hummer Featured Image. Photo: Kristin Shaw
Hummer Featured Image. Photo: Kristin Shaw

There has been excitement around the GMC Hummer, but will fulfill family duties?

In 2020, GMC announced it would relaunch the Hummer brand after 11 years in dormancy And not only that, but it would be all electric this time, built on GM’s innovative Ultium battery platform. Fans of the wide beasts rejoiced, but perhaps with a little trepidation: could the GMC Hummer EV keep the legend alive? Families, in particular, are curious to know if the GMC Hummer EV could be a viable daily driver while saving time and money at the pump. 

After driving this monster Hummer electric truck around Austin for a week, I can tell you why it makes a comfortable, capable family vehicle, as well as some of the highs and lows of this unique vehicle. Read on. 

Rear Angle Of The Hummer. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Rear angle of the Hummer. Photo: Kristin Shaw

The Hummer Legacy

In 1992, AM General launched the 300-horsepower Hummer, a public-facing version of the military-designated Humvee. It had an unmistakable presence, filling up lanes. That first Hummer weighed four tons and drank gas from a fire hose, getting ten miles per gallon or less. Once General Motors took over, the smaller H2 and even smaller H3 (but still large, at 4,800 pounds) supplanted the original Hummer and elbowed their way through traffic until GM halted production in 2009. 

Fast forward to 2020, when GMC announced it was reviving the Hummer into the lineup as an EV. A tidal wave of interest ensued, and GMC fast-tracked production to get this beast back into the wild. 

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Whoa! Photo: Kristin Shaw

Whoa! Photo: Kristin Shaw

Holy Moly, the Power! 

Soon, the details became clear: the new Hummer EV would deliver eye-popping acceleration in the form of 1,000 horsepower, generated by three electric motors. All-wheel drive was standard, and the new Hummer EV could do fancy tricks like the Crab Walk, which turned all four wheels in the same direction at the same time. 

GMC even gave it a Watts to Freedom (yep, that’s WTF) mode that would propel the large sport-utility truck from zero to 60 miles per hour in about three seconds. To better understand how quick that is, a Toyota GR Supra sports car weighs about one-third of the Hummer EV’s total heft, and the Hummer EV is nearly a whole second faster. Whoa, Nelly. 

But Wait, What if I don’t Care About Power Manifested in Speed?

Can it tow? Is it comfortable? Can it haul my family around town? Can I take it on a road trip? The answers are yes, all around. GM says this truck can tow up to 7,500 pounds, which is the size of a camper that sleeps five, a mid-sized pontoon boat, or a few power toys like snowmobiles or ATVs (plus the weight of the passengers). 

Be aware, however, that towing affects the total range adversely. While the Hummer EV has a 329-mile range on a full charge, that could be cut in half when you’re towing. So it’s better for a quick trip to the lake an hour away versus trekking 300 miles. 

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The Surface Of The Moon Is Seen On The Hummer'S Floor Mats, And Notice That Nice Storage Space Underneath!

The surface of the Moon is seen on the Hummer’s floor mats, and notice that nice storage space underneath! Photo: Scotty Reiss

More Family Friendly Details of the GMC Hummer Electric Truck

The generous size of the Hummer EV lends itself to supreme comfort inside the cabin. Seats are wide and well padded, and the infotainment system works well. Kids will like the moon-themed decorations around the cabin, complete with tiny footprints on the door interior. There’s so much shoulder room your passengers will feel spoiled. It’s also high off the ground, so get your quadriceps ready for the step up. There are lower anchors and tether anchors on both outboard seats, so it’s entirely possible to have two carrier-style car seats on the ends and a booster in the middle. You will always want to check to see if your particular seats will work.

In the second row, there are heated outboard seats; vents in the console; USB-A, USB-C ports; and a standard household outlet (super handy). Atop the Hummer EV, four “sky panels” are removable in multiple configurations and all four segments fit into the front trunk, stacked neatly in what look like pizza delivery bags. 

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The Two Tone Seats In Our Test Model

The two-tone seats in our test model. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Let’s Talk about the Range

With a total range of 329 on a full charge, you can go for days without recharging if your errands are nearby. And with prescient planning, you can take the Hummer EV on a road trip. At an average of 60 miles per hour, that’s a solid four hours of driving before you have to start thinking about charging up again. And what family goes four hours without stopping for a bathroom or snack break? Not ours.  

The Multi-Function Tail Gate Adds A Lot Of Convenient Features

The multi-function tail gate adds a lot of convenient features. Photo: Scotty Reiss

From the vehicle, the infotainment touchscreen provides maps to the nearest charging stations so you can map your way to wherever you’re going. That said, pay close attention to the distance between chargers and if there’s a Plan B alternate nearby. Stories of nonworking EV charging stations light up the social media channels and that can put a serious damper on your trip. Also, if you run out of juice and have to arrange for the vehicle to be towed to a charger, the weight of the Hummer may require a larger-sized tow truck. 

Know that the Hummer EV is slower to charge than some EVs. The Ultium platform and its 24 battery modules need time to refill, and it could take a full hour to do so. Your travel day might look like this: drive for three hours, stop to charge and eat lunch, drive for three hours, stop to charge and walk around, drive for three hours, and stop for the night. If it’s very cold or you have a lot of weight in the bed of the truck, that’s going to affect your overall range. 

Front Angle Of The Hummer. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Front angle of the Hummer. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Overall, It’s a Head Turner

Driving down the street in the Hummer EV is super fun, because it’s new and it makes a statement. This vehicle doesn’t blend into the background, and it has movie star charisma. Be prepared for other drivers to stare and even take photos at stoplights, and for kids to stare, openmouthed or with a cackle of glee. Smile back and enjoy the experience. There’s nothing else out there like the Hummer EV. 

Disclosure: GMC provided the Hummer for this test drive; all opinions are my own.

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