The Hyundai Ioniq 6 Electric Sedan: Modern Looks and Next-Gen Features

Ioniq 6 Featured Image. Photo: Hyundai
IONIQ 6 Featured Image. Photo: Hyundai

The Ioniq 6 is the evocative, sexy sibling in the Ioniq family.

Building on the monumental success of the Ioniq 5, Hyundai has unveiled plans for the Ioniq 6, a much sleeker, modern and streamlined sibling in the Ioniq family. With this new model it’s easy to see how Hyundai is elevating the brand to a whole new level of unique, user-centric design. And, the Ioniq brand is planting a foot firmly in the digital future; the Ioniq 6 will be present in the metaverse, a digital studio will offer in depth experiences and an NFT offering will make it even more exclusive. To do this, Hyundai has focused on three key design pillars: Living Space, Parametric Pixel, and Sustainability.

Hyundai thinks of their brand and cars like a chess board. They are all unique pieces that are distinct and serve different functions. They are aesthetically and functionally diverse but unified as a whole to create the perfect set. Perhaps the Ioniq 6 would be a Bishop – slim, streamlined, agile, and efficient. In fact, sleek efficiency is so much a part of the design of this sedan that Hyundai calls it their Electrified Streamliner, deeply based on the aerodynamic stylings of the 1920’s. 

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Side View Of The Ioniq 6. Photo: Hyundai

Side view of the Ioniq 6. Photo: Hyundai

Electric, but driven by aerodynamics

The exterior of the Ioniq 6 shows off a profile swoosh of simple curvature. The swoosh is punctuated by a purposeful but subtle double fin in the back that gives a much more performance focused feel (much more Porsche modern electric car), and is decorated with pixelated lights. Flush door handles, minimalistic digital mirrors, and softly angular indents hint at the fact that this is indeed an incredibly streamlined vehicle.

In fact, at a 0.21 drag coefficient, it’s one of the most aerodynamic cars on the market. What that means is that even though the Ioniq 6 has the same battery pack as the Ioniq 5, its impressive architecture has awarded it an estimated 60 miles of additional range, topping off at an estimated driving range of 380 miles. Bear in mind that the North American EPA range estimate is typically significantly lower but we can still expect it to far outdo the Ioniq 5 range of up to 303 miles per charge.

Speaking of charging, the Ioniq 6 rocks the same 77.4 kWh battery and super fast charging of the Ioniq 5, hitting 10-80% battery charge in 18 minutes. That is barely enough time to freshen up on a charging stop. Like its predecessor, the 6 is built on Hyundai’s E-GMP battery electric platform and has what is called “vehicle to load” capability, meaning it can power appliances, or even a house, with an adaptor plugged into the exterior power port. Topping off the specs with a 0-60 mph time of around 5 seconds, this slick ride will be a capable and functional option.

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Woman Charging Her Ioniq 6. Photo: Hyundai

Woman Charging her IONIQ 6. Photo: Hyundai

“Parametric Pixels” are both Decoration and Communication

Hopping into the Ioniq 6, the first thing that greets you are Hyundai’s trademark parametric pixels. Except now, they are embedded into the steering wheel and act as a visual response from the car, fluttering when you talk to it, and lighting up responsively as it’s charging (which is a feature echoed by the pixels on the front fascia of the vehicle too).

If you’re wondering about those digital mirrors on the outside, look to the edges of the dashboard defined by a retro wing flip on each end with embedded displays of the road outside. What could initially look like a solid slim panel in front of the driver is actually a 12-inch instrument cluster next to another 12-inch central multimedia system that envelops the driver into what Hyundai calls, the mindful cocoon of the cabin. 

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Illuminated Cabin Of The Ioniq 6. Photo: Hyundai

Illuminated Cabin of the Ioniq 6. Photo: Hyundai

The Ioniq 6 has an ethically engineered interior

This is where Hyundai’s principle of Living Space comes in. At the push of a button, the relaxation comfort front seats can recline almost horizontally, 64 color responsive ambient lighting can customize your interior to a degree normally only seen on luxury vehicles, and the bridge-type center console is purposefully flat to allow for placement of items like laptops or even an Ioniq brand smart table add on!

Encased in sustainable materials, the cabin owes some of its spacious comfort to the inventiveness of the engineering team. This group managed to make the Ioniq 6’s seats approximately 30% thinner than comparative vehicles while still maintaining rigidity. Four USB-C and one USB-A provide power to this mobile living space. Several features elevate the driving and software experiences of this car.

The EV Performance Tune-up, for example, grants you high levels of customization for steering, power output, and even acceleration sensitivity. Other features include Highway Driving Assist 2, Lane Change Assist and Inter Vehicle Distance Control, with all this software being updatable via over the air updates.

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Woman Using Ioniq Smart Table. Photo: Hyundai

Woman using IONIQ Smart Table. Photo: Hyundai

You can experience the Ioniq 6 in the Metaverse

While the Ioniq 5 may have been marketed towards couples and families with kids, Hyundai has stated that they’re gearing the Ioniq 6 towards the next generation of consumers, young professionals who want exceptional styling packed with functionality. They’ve catered to this by introducing some new and unique marketing tools. One of these tools is an Ioniq 6 digital studio in which you can immerse yourself in a variety of interactive driving and customization content on your own mobile or laptop device or even an expansive Virtual and Augmented Reality Configurator through a head-mounted display.

The Ioniq 6 will also be available on various Metaverse platforms like Roblox and Zepeto and, if NFT’s are your thing, the Ioniq 6 NFT collection will be released on July 14th and will include both online and in-person special experiences and grants you access to the Ioniq Citizenship.

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Ioniq 6 Nfts. Photo: Hyundai

IONIQ 6 NFTs. Photo: Hyundai

Snag an Ioniq 6 of your own in early 2023

The Ioniq 6 is slated to start production in January of 2023 for the North American market with sales to start shortly after that. The Ioniq 5 is currently sold in 38 US states and they expect the Ioniq 6 to be similar, but still dependent on supply and demand. Hyundai may be a volume brand but they’re aiming to create vehicles with a premium appeal, without a premium price.

We may not have details about the pricing for this electric car yet but, if it’s consistent with the brand’s intent, this sleek, streamlined, vehicle may be another market winner for Hyundai and, hopefully, more affordable to boot.

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Ioniq 6 From Behind. Photo: Hyundai

IONIQ 6 from behind. Photo: Hyundai

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