Happy New Year from A Girls Guide to Cars

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Happy New Year 2019Here’s to a powerful and empowered 2019!

2018 held amazing new heights for us. All of us. And 2019 promises to be even bigger and better with new opportunities, new growth and most importantly, new friends and colleagues.

It’s through stretching our boundaries beyond what we see, challenging ourselves to do what we didn’t think we could do and growing to be what we dream that we glow with achievement. And bonding over our accomplishments makes us love what we do.

But you knew that.

How can the auto world be part of your future and your growth?

This is a new frontier for women. A place where we are not just powerful consumers, but that we are engaged — to love our cars and master all they can do for us; empowered — to drive the conversation and future of auto business; and leaders — as we take on new professional and leadership roles we change the auto world from the inside.

And that is the true meaning of empowerment: to change, grow, and lead the way for others, because you can. The power is yours, girls. Here’s to a powerful and amazing year ahead!

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