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Make your bestie’s drive time sublime.

It’s always a tough question: What do you buy for the girl who drives a lot or loves to drive? A new car, right? OK, perhaps that’s not in your budget, but there are still plenty of gifts that will help her out and we have some ideas for you. From moms who spend hours in carpool lines, those who wrangle kids and dogs, the dedicated road tripper, to women who feel the need for speed, here are 11 gift ideas for the car loving woman (or women) in your life.

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The Dyson Animal Cordless Vacuum Photo: Dyson

1. Dyson Animal Cordless Vac

Yes, giving a girl a cleaning appliance might send the wrong message, but this strong, cordless vacuum ($349.99) with a great set of tools for getting into tight spots will leave her smiling and feeling in control, no matter what the kids, dogs and even the husband can do to that plush camel floor carpet.

2. Gift Cards for Pit Stops

Not sure what she needs most? There are plenty of gift card options out there that work for car centric women. If she’s on the road often, consider a gas card. Or is there a favorite place she likes to eat while traveling? Maybe a Cracker Barrel, Chick-fil-a, Subway or other restaurant gift card is the ticket to her heart. And as busy as most of us are, washing the car is something best left to the professionals. A gift card to the local car wash will be a welcome gift for any car owner.

Peaceful Car

Your car serves your family well, but it can also be your peaceful sanctuary. Photo: Martine Foreman

3. A Box of Zen

Stock her car with an assortment of goodies, such as meditation tapes for those times she’s waiting in the carpool line and can use a little peace before chaos ensues. If she’s on the road alone for hours at a time, audio books will keep her company. And with winter upon us dry skin is always an issue. Several luxury travel size hand creams easily fit in the console or glove box and will keep her skin soft on the go.

Glove Box Car Jump Starter Photo: Creative Commons

Glove Box Car Jump Starter Photo: Creative Commons

4. Glove Box Car Jump Starter

A dead car battery can ruin anyone’s day and having to find another car to jump start yours isn’t always possible (or safe). But, with the rechargeable Glove Box Car Jump Starter ($49.99) you don’t need another car to jump start yours. You don’t even have to leave the driver’s seat. Just plug the rechargeable Glove Box Car Jump Starter into the car’s cigarette lighter. It transfers power to the car battery through the vehicle’s internal wiring. In just 10 minutes, the car battery will be charged and ready to start. And it fits in a standard glove box or cup holder.

Road Trip

AAA Emergency Road Trip Kit. Photo: AAA

5. Road Side Emergency Kit

Being prepared is the key to being safe. Get the girl in your life a roadside emergency kit (AAA’s start at $33) so she’ll be ready for those mishaps no one wants to manage. Besides the standard items like flares, jumper cables and gloves, consider one with a hammer that includes a seat belt cutting tool. You’ll find several brands here (starting at just $5). Note: This tool should be kept inside the vehicle within reach of the driver.

6. AAA Auto Club membership

Know someone who does a lot of driving on her own? Chances are you won’t always be available if her car breaks down. Consider a gift of a AAA Auto Club membership ($58). For one annual fee, you’ll provide peace of mind to a lady in your life by making sure help is just a phone call away.

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Pinch Provisions’ Kit to Fix Those Fashion and Beauty Emergencies

7. Kits to Fix Those Other Emergencies

Sometimes emergencies have nothing to do with car trouble. Pinch Provisions’ ($16) 17-piece kit of beauty, fashion, and personal care products works for fast fixes on the go. A teeny-tiny hairspray fixes unruly flyaways, double-sided tape will mend a fallen hem, spare earring backs will ensure your bling stays in place and it all comes in a portable pouch. And to keep your girl looking her best, this Ulta Love Makeup Color Essentials Collection ($20) has everything she needs in a convenient case.

8. TechMatte MagGrip Vent Universal Car Mount

Handsfree access to her smart phone is critical for safely using Bluetooth, navigation or her iPod. The TechMatte MagGrip Vent Universal Car Mount ($7.99) can be the perfect solution. A small magnetic clip attaches securely to a car’s air vent, while a slim MagGrip magnetic plate slides into the phone’s case to ensure a secure, cradle-less mount in seconds.

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Coolest Cooler, Seriously Photo: Coolest Cooler

9. The Coolest Cooler (and yeah, it’s cool!)

Have a Thelma or Louise in your life? Road tripping women not only need snacks to keep them alert and ready for action, but they need civility at the end of the day too. The Coolest Cooler ($399.99) does both and might just be, well, the coolest cooler ever. This feature-packed device does way more than simply keep drinks cold. It features a blender for end-of-the-day cocktails, a wireless and removable speaker for streaming tunes from any Bluetooth device, a USB charger, interior LED light, bottle opener, reusable plastic plates, a ceramic knife and a divider that doubles as a cutting board. End of the road stays at Holiday Inn just got a little more civil.

10. Connected Car Service Subscription

Handy devices like Delphi Connect (from $99.99; buy though your wireless carrier) and Verizon Hum ($20 to get started; $10 a month afterward) and accompanying apps come with subscriptions that provide countless services useful to avid road trippers: it lets you see your car’s battery level, runs diagnostics on your car if the check engine light comes on, it’s got a tracking feature so you can find your car in that huge parking lot, plus it allows you to unlock your car from your phone, and generate trip reports so you can see your actual route and other interesting data. These devices also double as a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot, keeping road trippers connected on the go.

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NASCAR Race Experience for Fast Girls

11. NASCAR Race Experience

Finally, for the girl who has the need for speed, a NASCAR race car experience (from $99.99-$2,000, depending on the experience) is sure to get her blood pumping. For the dare devils, check out the driving experience complete with a driver’s meeting followed by the chance to drive a real NASCAR in back to back racing sessions with a pit stop in between. And if she doesn’t want to drive, consider the NASCAR Ride Along where she’s riding shot gun at top speeds with a professional racing instructor behind the wheel.Sbcgiftspinnable

Any of these gift ideas will keep the women in your life rolling along as road warrior princesses. And if I happen to be on your gift list, I’ll take that NASCAR experience…and maybe the Coolest Cooler—end of day cocktails? Sign me up. Happy Holidays!


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