5 Tips for Turning Your Car Into a Place of Peace


Spend a lot of time in your car? Turn it into a peaceful sanctuary.

Like many of you, I’m a busy mom. We shuttle the kids back and forth to school, soccer games, trips to the pumpkin farm and beyond. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s only going to get more hectic, whether or not you have kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and miss my kids when they’re away from me. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the silence that comes with an empty house and car is pretty nice. I think you know what I mean. With my third child on the way, I need every ounce of peace I can get so I decided to turn my car into my sanctuary away from home.

If you spend a lot of time in your car, why not use the car as a space where you can gather your thoughts, gain clarity and find some peace of mind? Here are 5 tips on how to turn your car into a place of peace.


5 minutes of meditation can work wonders. Photo: Martine Foreman

1. Add your favorite meditation app to your phone

Disclaimer: Don’t meditate while driving! Although I love meditation apps, they can calm your down to the point of sleepiness, so turning it on before you hit the road isn’t the best idea. But if you are in your parked car waiting for one of your kids or for someone to arrive for a meeting or lunch, feel free to use that time to relax and decompress. My favorite meditation app is Calm. It’s great for a number of reasons: you can even pick a meditation based on your personal goals and how much time you have to meditate (yes, 5 minutes of meditation does make a difference).


Have a variety of playlists on hand. Photo: Martine Foreman

2. Make sure you have playlists to fit your mood

Sometimes I want to listen to pop music, some days I’m in the mood for hip-hop, and there are days that only gospel music will get me through. Make sure you create playlists on your phone that suit different moods. You won’t always need the same kind of music to calm you down. Your musical selections often depend on the kind of day you’re having and how you feel mentally and emotionally. If you keep a collection of your favorite tunes in different genres, you will always be prepared to pick the right music to make you feel good.


Keep Reading Material On Hand. Photo: Martine Foreman

3. Keep your favorite reading material in the car

We could all use a break from technology, right? I keep a recent magazine and two or three of my favorite books in the car at all times. At least two of the books are usually inspirational with bible verses or my favorite quotes. When I have some down time in the car, I like to pull one out and read a few pages (not while I’m driving, of course). It keeps me centered and helps me focus on the positive instead of worrying about all the things I still need to do that day. And I sometimes read just to stay entertained while I wait for someone. It’s a lot more peaceful than looking through my phone.


A calm kit can be a lifesaver. Photo: Martine Foreman

4. Create a calm kit that stays in the car

It may sound corny, but a “calm kit” can be a lifesaver. Just get a small bag (like a make-up bag you no longer use) and add a few items in it that can work to keep you calm: things like peppermint or citrus oil (for smelling), lavender and chamomile hand cream, a stress ball, chewing gum, dark chocolate (only during the cooler months), a pen, and a small notebook. These are all items that help reduce my anxiety and get me into a better mood. Think about items that keep you calm and be sure to keep a stash in your car at all times.


Keeping your car organized and clutter-free also helps keep you calm. Photo: Martine Foreman

5. Keep your car clean, organized and clutter-free  

Let’s face it, when you drive kids to and from school, soccer practice and everywhere else, your car is going to be a place filled with snacks, noise and often clutter: after all, it’s their car too. But that clutter can stress you out. Your car doesn’t have to look like a neglected playroom just because you have children. Check out this AGirlsGuidetoCars article with a few helpful tips to keep your car clean, organized and clutter-free. When you do get that precious time alone in the car it’s okay to feel like it’s just your car: clean, quiet, clutter-free and peaceful. Here’s to more moments of zen in your car!

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