Frunk or Treat is an Electric Spin on Trunk or Treat. And it’s Frightfully Fun!

Mustang Mach-E Gt Glowing In With Uv And Disco Lights In The Frunk!
Mustang Mach-E GT Glowing in with UV and Disco lights in the frunk!

Frightful frunks flickered in the night all over the country.

It was All Hallows Eve and darkness began to descend upon a quiet little street in Broomfield, Colorado, as the expected assortment of creatures crept from their fantastically bedecked homes to gather treats! But what wasn’t expected was the line of sleek Mustang Mach-E’s silently sitting in wait for the revelers to stumble upon. Mouths agape, their frunks illuminating the night, beckoning everyone to grab the treats within!

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2 Grabber Blue And 2 Rapid Red Mustang Mach-E'S Wait For Trick Or Treaters. Photo: Patrick Anderson

2 Grabber Blue and 2 Rapid Red Mustang Mach-E’s wait for Trick or Treaters. Photo: Patrick Anderson

Electric Cars can Idle Without Noise and Exhaust Fumes

Sounds super spooky doesn’t it? But, for the Mustang Mach-E Colorado Club, this event was an absolute treat and the perfect time to take advantage of their vehicle’s lack of engines. Two beautiful Rapid Red Mach-E’s glimmered with glowing pumpkins, flickering skulls and candles, and piles of candy. One Grabber Blue Mach-E shone with UV light illuminating a chaotically neon interior and humming with Halloween tunes from within. Another bonus of EV’s is that they’re completely silent and don’t need stinky gas when they’re idling, so there was nothing to drown out the tunes and the laughter!

Minutes into the start of what was soon an endless stream of trick-or-treaters, one family stopped and exclaimed “We have a Mach-E too!” So, they fetched it and deposited it, frunk open, for the Colorado Mach-E Club to pounce upon and decorate, which they did gleefully.

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An EV Often also Comes with a Community

“I have tons of extra decorations!” announced Marlene Strickland, who helped orchestrate the event. “Me too!” exclaimed her co-host, Bob Lopez. When asked later about the experience of dropping off her Mach-E for everyone to decorate, Erin Lewis said, “They decorated the frunks and the cars so cutely and the kids had a blast getting the candy from the front of the cars!” She shared that she’d had her Mach-E for almost a year and “It’s an absolute delight to drive. The community of other Mach-E owners have been another unexpected plus.”

Erin Lewis Started Her Night With No Idea That Her Mach-E, Kestrel, Would End Up Decorated In A Frunk Or Treat Event! Photo: Patrick Anderson.

Erin Lewis started her night with no idea that her Mach-E, Kestrel, would end up decorated in a Frunk or Treat event! Photo: Patrick Anderson.

Year ‘Round Decorations go Next-Level on Halloween

A volunteer EV Coach with Drive Electric Colorado and passionate advocate and educator on the Electric Vehicle Lifestyle, Marlene couldn’t wait to decorate her beloved Mach-E, Clifford. Already jazzed up with tons of personalizations like stripes, a custom grill, and even an add-on light up pony, Halloween presented the perfect opportunity for Marlene to show off her creative chops and thrill some kiddos. She loved “seeing tons of kids excited to get candy out of our frunks and parents asking about the EV’s…We decided to make it an annual event and make it even bigger each year!”

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Marlene'S Mach-E, Clifford, Looked Horrifyingly Perfect With Dripping Fangs And A Glowing Skull! Photo: Bob Lopez

Marlene’s Mach-E, Clifford, looked horrifyingly perfect with dripping fangs and a glowing skull! Photo: Bob Lopez

Showing off his pride and joy Rapid Red Mustang Mach-E named Gunnar, Bob Lopez, tricked out his frunk with pulsing pumpkins, announcing “Next year I’m adding ghosts and bats too!” An employee at a local Ford dealership, Bob effused that he is “in love with my Mach-E!…Frunk or Treat was so exciting for my first time!”

Adding a Kick to Your Frunk Is Easy and Fun

The Ford Mustang Mach-E actually has a drain in the frunk so you can wash out any sticky accidents easily. Nothing spooky or gross in the frunk except the decorations you planned on. The Mach-E doesn’t have power in the frunk, but battery-powered disco lights work just fine.

That first Grabber Blue Mach-E? That belongs to me and my husband, Patrick. During the pandemic, we went a little nuts brightening up quarantine with battery-powered disco lights, black lights, and neon decor, so that all fit perfectly into a fantastically flashy frunk. Some frunks have power outlets which would be amazing and useful in this situation but our battery-power lights were perfect and not only illuminated the frunk but the houses lining the street too.


The Mega Power Frunk of the F150 Lightning is Super Popular

Speaking of vehicles with power-outlets in the frunks, the F150 Lightning has been a hit in the U.S. market and is now also a Halloween favorite. Videos like this one by Andrew Surma show the magnificent Mega Power Frunk being put to good use for a Halloween frunk reveal.


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Celebrating the spooky season over in Cleveland, Jace Craft Miller and his husband, Justin Koenig, were thrilled to receive their F150 Lightning in perfect time to create a cozy, creepy Frunk or Treat. The previous year, they’d had a Mustang Mach-E too and they’d stuffed the frunk with decorations. This year, the Mega Power Frunk on their new Lightning was so huge that they “were worried we wouldn’t have enough to fill the whole frunk this time! 😂.”

Fortunately they took full advantage of the new features of their F150 Lightning. “The addition of outlets in the frunk is a huge bonus and allowed us to add some super fun lights with some Philips Hue bulbs!” said Jace. “I only wish we had a fog machine, I think that would have really set it off! Always next year!”

Always next year is right. And, with how many cool EV’s are coming to the market, this is surely just the start of the Frunk or Treat madness!

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