Enterprise Rent-A-Car Offers College Student Travel Assistance

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I remember being in my early twenties and thinking that I would truly become an adult when I turned 25.

Because 25 was the minimum age to rent a car. Now, I don’t know why it was important to me to be old enough to be deemed responsible enough to rent a car especially since I didn’t rent a car until I was in my early thirties. Youth is a funny thing but that’s a whole other story. Because of these uncertain times we are living in, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is changing the rules – albeit temporarily – and offering College Student Travel Assistance.

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car Offers College Student Travel Assistance

What exactly does that mean?

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s minimum age to rent a car is 21 but drivers under 25 are normally charged what’s called a young renter’s fee, which can be up to $30 a day. Enterprise is reducing the minimum renter fee and waiving the young renter’s fee.

Why the Sudden Change?

If you guessed “response to the global pandemic” you win the prize. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is bailing students out with College Student Travel Assistance. The company is acting fast to help get them home during this pandemic. All across the U.S. and Canada, college kids are being evacuated from campuses. Air travel isn’t a comfortable option for many people and parents can’t always pick up and drive to pick their college students up to bring them home.

This change in policy allows college students to have the option of renting a car to get home safely. That equals peace of mind to a lot of families out there.

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The details of Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s College Student Travel Assistance

Here are the basics:

  • Available to College Students 18 – 24 years of age
  • Valid for rentals of an economy through full-size cars, minivans, small pick-up trucks, and cargo vans
  • Offer valid at U.S. locations only for car rentals reserved in advance.
  • Standard driver and credit requirements apply, except for the minimum car rental age per this offer
  • Official Student ID must be presented at the time of rental

This offer expires 5/31/2020 – See Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s website for more info.

What does Enterprise Rent-A-Car have to say about College Student Travel Assistance?

“We want to do whatever we can to make this unprecedented situation easier for students and their families,” said Will Withington, Senior Vice President, North American Operations for Enterprise Holdings, which owns and operates Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

“With an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location within 15 miles of 90% of the U.S. population, we’re in range of nearly every college campus in the country and able to help students get wherever they need to go.”

We like that a lot. These are such strange and uncertain times and it is comforting to know someone has our backs.

What Parents Need to Know:

This is going to be your young adult’s first experience renting a car. While it’s a great life skill to learn, the process might be overwhelming, especially in light of what is going on in the world right now.

You know your family best, but considering walking them through the reservation process or making the reservation together versus having them to it completely on their own or doing it for them. This might be your young adult’s first time renting a car but it probably won’t be their last, so use this as a teaching moment.

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College Student Travel Assistance


Safety Tips for Young Adult Drivers

Here are a few things to go over with a young adult taking a long driving trip for the first time:

  • Make sure they understand the importance of not getting that gas needle dip below a certain point. If they’re driving through rural areas, help them map out fuel stops.
  • Establish a check-in plan. Consider having them share their route on Google Maps or use other technology so you know where they are as they travel.
  • Make sure they understand how hands-free texting and calling work with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Young, nervous drivers are more prone to distraction so have a talk about limited calls and texts, even in hands-free mode.
  • Print out a map/directions just in case something happens to connectivity. Take this a step further and map out cell phone dead zone areas so your young driver will know what to expect if they lose connectivity.

Even though your young adult is…well, an adult, make sure you have the conversation about stranger danger. Walkthrough scenarios about what will happen when they stop for gas and snacks. Even simple tips about being mindful of what’s happening in all directions and not leaving a purse/money on the front seat in full view are good things to go over.

You might get the “Oh, Mom” response and swear can hear the eyes rolling through the phone but it will ease your mind to touch on some of these things. Even if your college student seems unappreciative, some of this info will stick ?

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