The End of the Year is a Great Time to Buy a New Car. This Is What You Need to Know

Buy A New Acura Suv This Holiday Season

The 2020 Acura Rdx - Why You Need A Luxury SuvIf you buy a new right car make sure you get the right car at the right price.

We have heard that car sales in 2019 will be down. What that means for you is that car companies and dealers will be throwing great deals at buyers, making this year maybe the best time ever to buy a new car. Starting with Black Friday, car companies are offering great incentives such as in, cash discounts and low or zero percent financing.

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2020 Volvo Xc90 3 Row Suv

The 2020 Volvo XC90 in Birch Metallic could be yours this winter. ?Scotty Reiss

This May Be the Best Time Ever to Buy a New Car

Even better news for car buyers is that the cars on the market these days are the best ever with the most advanced technology, great features and even base models are pretty nicely equipped.   

Even with great deals, you shouldn’t just pop into the dealership for a test drive and expect to close quickly and drive your dream car away. As any seasoned and successful shopper knows, you need to do your homework.

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Jeep Compass Lifestyle

The Jeep Compass is my pick if you want adventure and off-road! ?: Connie Peters

What You Need to Know, And How to Prepare, to Buy a New Car

This is what you need to do to get ready for your car hunt to be successful in getting the right car, or not getting stuck in the wrong one.

  • Know your credit score and what interest rate you qualify for; the lowest interest rates are usually offered to those with the best credit
  • If you are considering a lease, know the monthly payment and downpayment you can afford—but don’t tell the salesman. You want to find out what the car costs, not what they will sell it to you for
  • Also know how many miles a year you need to budget for; you’ll pay for mileage over a certain amount. Also keep in mind that lease deals are often only on certain models, so the car or trim level you want may not be available
  • Often deals are either/or, not combined. So typically you can pick the cash back option or the promotional interest rate but not both
  • Often deals are earmarked for the outgoing model (so, 2019) not the new model year (so, not the 2020 models)
  • Some models may be excluded from the sale
  • Line up a loan ahead of time so you’re not forced to use the dealer’s financing
  • Know the value of your trade in; you might do better selling it independently
  • Know the models and features you’re interested in; don’t settle for something that isn’t perfect for you. A deal isn’t a deal if the car doesn’t fit your lifestyle
  • Research the sales and incentives in advance; some dealers will add extra incentives, some geographic regions may have better deals than others
  • Give yourself some options and be prepared to walk away from if the sales person insults you or tries to sell you something you don’t want.

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The best holiday sales start to kick in around Black Friday and deals are offered through New Years. So if you’re ready, go get your holiday style on in a new car. And drop us a comment with a photo; we want to see what you bought!

A Girls Guide To Cars | The End Of The Year Is A Great Time To Buy A New Car. This Is What You Need To Know - The End Of The Year Is A Great Time To Buy A New Car. This Is What You Need To Know

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