Black Friday New Car Deals: This is a Great Day to Buy a Car!

New Car Deals For Black Friday

Is your new car just waiting for you to find it?

The bad news for car companies in 2019: Sales will be down. The good news for car buyers: car companies are offering great incentives (as in, cash discounts and low or zero percent financing) to try to snag every possible sale.

Even better news for car  buyers is that the cars on the market these days are the best ever with the most advanced technology, great features and even base models are pretty nicely equipped.   

The best sales of the year start to kick in around Black Friday and deals are offered through New Years. So if you’re ready to get your holiday style on in a new car, read on. Here’s a rundown of the deals that are on offer this week.


The 2020 Acura Rdx - Why You Need A Luxury Suv

The Acura RDX. ?Jill Robbins

Special lease pricing on the ILX and MDX or 0.9- to 1.9-percent financing through Acura Financial Services

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Credit of $1500 and $4500 (the pricier the car the more the discount) or 2.99% financing with up to $1,000 credit; there are deals on almost every model but some models have better deals than others

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Buick, Chevrolet and GMC

We love that GM’s brands regularly offer friends and family pricing, essentially a discount from the dealers invoice, to everyone. That discount adds up to about 20% below MSRP, and with the nicely outfitted models in the line up (not all qualify for the discount) buyers have some good choices.

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Offers vary but generally buyers will find special lease prices or $1,000 discount and 0% financing

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Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram

The corporate parent of these brands is also offering a friends and family type discount across the board; most models qualify and discounts can be substantial, from up to $5,000 on the diminutive and diminutively priced Fiat to $10,000 oh the Ram 1500 pick up.

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Mustang Shelby 500 Gt

Side view of the Mustang Shelby 500 GT. ?Scotty Reiss


Pickup truck and sedan fans will find great deals, up to 20% off select models and trims, however, Explorer and Mustang are excluded.

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This brand is already an exceptional deal, delivering a generous luxury, a concierge, a great warranty and a come-to-you shopping and service experience for a very fair price. And for Black Friday Genesis will waive the downpayment and first month’s payment.

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This perennial favorite brand doesn’t often use the “S” word, and deals are limited to reduced financing. Don’t get discouraged, though; Honda’s offering good financing on all models.

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The Korean car maker known for giving you more features for the money is combining cash discounts and special finance rates— up to $2,000 and 0% on some models— to incentivize consumers to drive one of their pretty cars or SUVs.

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With special financing paired with up to $4000 cash back there’ll be a lot more stylish people on the road this winter. This is one of our favorite brands for its modern, elegant look and posh interiors.


This very stylish, and now much more reliable, brand is offering 0% finance and up to $1,500 cash back on some models. And finally, there are leases available on the award-winning all-electric i-Pace, one of the most beautiful cars on the road.

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This Korean brand has been stirring things up recently and with cash back of $2,500 and 0% interest for 66 months, will continue to do so. Just don’t look for deals on Telluride; the popular SUV is selling so briskly that some dealers are asking for (and getting) a premium over the MSRP.

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Land Rover

Low rate financing and special lease deals define the specials available on Land Rover and Range Rover SUVs, even the very popular Velar and the newly redesigned Evoque, which we think is one of the most attractive SUVs on the road.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Black Friday New Car Deals: This Is A Great Day To Buy A Car! - Lexus Lc 500 Review A Girls Guide To Cars 6

The Lexus LC 500. ?Jill Robbins

This brand celebrates “December to Remember” this time every year; this year’s incentives include special financing and special lease pricing.

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If you’ve been lusting after the Aviator this could be the time to do something about it with a special lease price or super low interest on a loan.

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With up to 90 days with no payments on new cars and cash back loyalty award for current Mazda owners, this is a great time to experience Mazda’s well done interiors and own a car that is truly a standout on the outside; Mazda’s paint is truly one of the most amazing finishes you’ll ever see.

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The company is celebrating winter by offering 1.9% financing across the board for almost all their elegant models, and is even offering this on certified pre-owned cars.

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With 3.49% financing and up to $1,00 off across the board this could be the time to get into that fun little cutie pie car.

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This “small batch” car maker is offering 0% financing or $500 cash back on its array of models. We are fans of the Outback PHEV, the plug-in electric hybrid all wheel drive SUV.

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Offers vary by model but buyers can get 0% financing or up to $3,000 off the popular Rogue and more than $11,000 off the Titan pickup truck.

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2020 Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback’s cargo space is sized to hold 42 Redwood trees… saplings, that is. ?Scotty Reiss


The “share the love” campaign works to help buyers help local pet shelters, but Subaru wants to help buyers, too: there is special lease pricing, 2.9% financing on 2020 models and 0% financing on 2019 models across the board; even the 2020 Subaru Outback is included.

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Another brand that rarely has big discounts, Toyota is offering incentives of up to $1950 on some models or special financing of 2.9%.  There could be a Toyota in your driveway soon.

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The Sweden’s Greetings sale event will waive your first car payment and on some models offer cash allowances of up to $1,750 and special financing. Pretty sweet deal!

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