Driving Etiquette: Tips for Less Stressful Driving

Driving Etiquette

Just because you have your license, doesn’t mean that you are a good driver.

Some people might read the title of this article and automatically think it doesn’t pertain to them because they have their license already but that’s not the case. You may have picked up some bad habits over the years.  Aggressive driving is very common and can result in accidents or dangerous confrontations. Since I have been driving in the northeast for basically my entire driving life, I feel this has shaped me as a driver.

There are many aggressive drivers on the road and you really have to pay attention- not only to yourself but ALL the cars surrounding you.  When I lived up North, on my way to work and back every day, there was at least one accident both ways. So here are some driving etiquette tips to help keep you in the right lane when driving 😉

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Drive the speed limit.

This goes for both people who drive above and under the speed limit.  Both are equally dangerous.  If you are driving 10 miles under the speed limit, then pull over and let the person behind you pass you.  They shouldn’t have to suffer because you are taking your lovely time.  Or if you are driving too fast and you are riding someone’s bum, you might want to read the next topic.

Use your blinker!

I cannot stress this enough.  Not only is it unsafe to not use your blinker, but it’s not that hard to use it.  In case you don’t know where this is, it’s right behind your steering wheel, all you do is push it up or down for your left and right blinkers.  This signals to other drivers that you want to move lanes, or that you’re turning.  Also, using it after you’ve already started to move your vehicle doesn’t count!  It’s unsafe and inconsiderate to other drivers.

No one likes a tailgater.

A tailgater is as bad as “Karen” who needs to speak to the manager.  Tailgating someone won’t make them go faster, in fact, depending on how petty they are, it might make them go slower.  They may also brake check you, which if you don’t know what this means, it’s simply slamming on your brakes to give you a warning to back off.

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Pay Attention!

This is a huge part of safety, but it’s also part of etiquette.  This includes doing your makeup ladies.  When you aren’t paying attention, you may swerve into the lane, causing the person next to you to have to react with cat-like reflexes. And please do not text and drive- it’s dangerous! Many cars have Apple Car Play which allows for hands-free driving.  Also, if you aren’t paying attention to your speed, you might actually be a nuisance to the person behind you, which brings me to the next topic…

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Get out of the left lane!

Now, I know that people like to turn on cruise control and just stay in the left lane.  However, that’s technically not what the left lane is for.  The left lane is only supposed to be used as a passing lane. I know that in the northeast, it’s used similarly to the Autobahn in Germany, ok that may be a bit of an exaggeration. Some people who go under the speed limit like to stay in this lane, which has been proven that this is actually just as big of a safety issue as someone who is driving extremely fast or aggressively. It’s similar to a domino effect, you get a bunch of cars who are trying to weave in and out of traffic to pass that one driver in the left lane and this can cause an accident.

Aggressive Driving

Remember, you aren’t on a racetrack.  You aren’t on a high-speed chase, or trying to save Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, so stop acting like it. The faster you go, the harder the impact if you end up crashing. And please be mindful of motorcyclists.  They are on a motorcycle, while you are in a car. You have the advantage in safety.  It’s a safety issue and just plain rude. When you cut people off and try to “push” them out of the way, you can cause a major accident.

Driving Etiquette Matters

Well, there you have it!  Just some simple things to consider the next time you get back out on the road. Keep these things in mind and you have a less stressful driving experience. Remember to be considerate to those around you and most importantly, pay attention to what you and other drivers are doing on the road.

Just Because You Have Your License, Doesn'T Mean You Haven'T Picked Up Bad Habits Over The Years. This Article Goes Into Topics Regarding Driving Etiquette.

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