Let Your Kid Dictate Your Next Road Trip with Waze Voice Recorder

Waze Voice Recorder
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Most people rely on their handy navigation apps to get around. Turn left, turn right- it can get pretty boring. And if you’re on the road for work a lot, it can get lonely, too. But what if you could add some fun to your ride? For instance, let your kid dictate your next road trip with the Waze voice recorder!

Road Trips Often Lead to Boredom

When it comes to road trips, I’m a daydreamer. I get lost looking out the window and sometimes on my phone. On a road trip with my husband and his friend, I was extra bored. Imagine, two guys, yapping about work for over two hours. SO BORING. And every few minutes, my husband would stop and complain that he couldn’t hear the GPS loudly enough. Well, maybe if you paid attention… So, I went into the settings on his Waze app and adjusted the volume. But while I was playing around with the app, I discovered something really cool. You could change the voices. Forget plain old Jane (her name is really Jane), get yourself an English Thomas to dictate your trip. He was annoyed by this new voice, but I had a blast!

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Waze Voice Recorder

Your little ones can help you get to your destination with a few laughs on the way. Photo: c/o @itsMissLV

Let Your Kid Dictate Your Next Road Trip

After that, I got to thinking. I remembered seeing  an option to “record a new voice.” To kill my curiosity, I went back and checked it out. I learned that you could record your own voice to be the navigator on Waze. My daughter was next to me and I thought how fun it would be to have her voice on our GPS! And even better- I could share it with her doting grandparents. You can share it with anyone that has the app. The app tells you exactly what to say, it’s very user-friendly. I will warn you, it takes up some time and patience to do. Maybe a good 15 minutes. By the way, my parents LOVED it.

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Stay Connected with your Favorite Tiny Humans 

I enjoy using the “record a new voice” feature on Waze. It’s a fun surprise to create using your kid(s) voices. You can surprise a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. And if you’re on the road a lot away from your family, it’s a nice way to stay connected. When my husband and I went away for a weekend, we had our daughter’s voice dictating our trip. I’m that mom who always feels guilty for leaving her kid behind even if it’s only for a day or two. This made us laugh at times and really helped me feel better.

How to Use Waze Voice Recorder

If you’re wondering how to use this option, here are some simple instructions. It’s super easy!

  1. Find the ‘Voice & Sound’ option in your settings.
  2. Select Waze Voice.
  3. Select ‘Record New Voice.’
  4. Name your voice and start recording.
Waze Voice Recorder

Find Voice & Sound in your settings. Photo: Lillie Morales


Waze Voice Recorder

Select Waze Voice. Photo: Lillie Morales


Waze Record New Voice

Record a New Voice. Photo: Lillie Morales


Waze Record New Voice

Start Recording! Photo: Lillie Morales

Have you tried this feature yet? We simply cannot get enough of it. Tell us about it. Safe travels!

What If You Could Add Some Fun To Your Ride? For Instance, Let Your Kid Dictate Your Next Road Trip! With The Waze Voice Recorder, That Is A Possibility.

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