The Connected Car: Keeping Young Drivers Safe

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Twokey50 Connected CarMonitor Your Teen Driver with Zubie

If your teen updates his Facebook status while he’s driving, he is not being safe – and he may be breaking the law. But a new plug-in device, Zubie, lets anxious parents monitor their teen’s location and driving.

The Well Connected Car

Zubie, which works with cars built since 1996, plugs in under the dashboard, and has both a GPS receiver and a cell data connection. The Zubie app, for iPhone or Android, tracks items such as how fast the driver goes and any sudden braking or acceleration, certain engine alerts, and can let you know when a driver arrives at his or her destination. Read about a driver’s experience testing Zubie.

Zubie costs $100 and includes a year of monitoring; it’s less than Audiovox’s Car Connection and onStar. With the savings, you can color all that gray hair you will get from seeing how your teen drives when she thinks you’re not watching.

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