City-Ready and Country-Bound: the Chic Yet Capable 2021 Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo V60

This chic wagon can handle both the city and adventurous weekends with ease.

Do you need a family car that can handle a busy urban lifestyle, possibly a commute and carpool, but calls you to the country for long weekends at the cabin or camping? The Volvo V60 Cross Country, with a starting price of $45,450 US, can handle all this and more.

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1974 Plymouth Gran Fury

“1974 Plymouth Gran Fury” by dave_7 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

For several decades, mostly in the ’60s and ’70s, the station wagon was a very popular choice for families. Wood paneling and earth tones were rampant, giving the wagon a somewhat frumpy look, but I suppose that was modern at the time. Now, the only brands still making wagons are European or Japanese, (Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini, and Porsche) as they’re not the best sellers they once were, replaced by SUVs and crossovers as the popular choice for parents.

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It’s a chic wagon all around. Photo: Connie Peters

But the V60 Cross Country is chic and city-ready

With a name like Cross Country, you might imagine a little frumpy ’70s wagon. Not so. Just look at the sleek lines, LED ‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights, fog lamps, and chic body style of the Volvo V60 Cross Country. She is capable, which is why she gets the Cross Country badge, but more on that later. Let’s talk city life.

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One sneak peek inside and you’ll understand what I mean by chic. The City Weave interior almost shocked me at first look. It has a patterned cloth paired with light leather trim and a two-tone leather steering wheel like no other interior I’ve seen. The iPad-like infotainment system, massive panoramic sunroof, a fully digital instrument cluster, and an uber-long list of tech-loaded safety and driver-assist features make this the 21st-century wagon of your dreams.

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Volvo’s name is synonymous with Safety, and the V60 Cross Country keeps up

When you start up the Volvo, a long list of its safety features appears on the digital dash, running through a systems check for each.

Momentum is the base model and it comes standardly equipped with:

  • collision mitigation
  • cruise control
  • rear park assist
  • lane-keeping

The Premier package (CAD $2,600) adds:

  • heated wiper blades
  • navigation with road sign assist
  • blind-spot warning
  • rear cross-traffic alert

And the Premier Plus Package (CAD $2,550) adds:

  • headlight cleaning
  • Pilot Assist – adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving
  • 360-degree camera
  • front and rear park assist
  • bending LED headlamps
  • front fog lights

The Pilot Assist was spot-on with how it held my speed within traffic all the way for about 30 kilometers (20 or so miles) on the highway, keeping me centered in the lane, I even took my hands off the steering wheel for a moment to watch it in action. Of course, the “Take Steering” warning comes on as the Volvo V60 tech can sense that you’re not holding the wheel.

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Volvo City Interior

This interior is unique and stylish. Photo: Connie Peters

Weekend adventure abounds

The Cross Country is weekend-adventure capable, with all-wheel drive, 8.3″ of ground clearance, plastic cladding along the sides to protect from bumps and scrapes, and off-road mode to keep you safely on the trail, making the V60 Cross Country a great choice for adventures away from the city.

The V60 Cross Country comes capably powered with a turbocharged 250 horsepower and 258 lb-ft torque. You can also get the V60 in the Recharge plug-in hybrid, which adds electric power, 21 miles of electric driving, nearly doubles the horsepower (to 415), and the torque (to 494) and adds an additional CAD $22,000 over the base model, with a price of $67,300 (CAD).

Volvo V60

That unmistakable Volvo LOOK. Photo: Connie Peters

What we loved about the V60 Cross Country

There is a lot to love in this wagon, and my top picks are:

  • The unique City Weave interior
  • Comfort – this was one of the quietest, most comfortable drives I can remember
  • The long list of driver-assist and tech-loaded safety features
  • Capability for long weekend adventures that might even take you off the beaten track and onto a trail

Who is the V60 Cross Country for?

  • A family with an urban lifestyle but a country heart
  • Families who want the space and versatility of a wagon and don’t need the ride height of an SUV
  • Technology aficionados
  • Urban pet parents who love to hike and bike on weekends
Thor'S Hammer Headlights

The Thor’s Hammer headlights are a signature for Volvo. Photo: Connie Peters

What the V60 Cross Country will set you back

The V60 Cross Country starts at USD $45,450 or CAD $48,900. Our test model had the Premier and Premier Plus packages plus an upgraded Harmon Kardan sound system (CAD $1200 USD $800), and 20″ wheels (CAD $1,475 USD $2,895)  for a total of CAD $56,725.

These options are packaged differently in the US. A similarly outfitted Volvo V60 Cross Country would be about USD $53,785.

You can shave about $5,000 off the sticker price by opting for the V60 without the Cross Country package if you don’t need the extra capability that higher ground clearance and off-road drive mode affords.

Even without the extra capability, the Volvo V60 is chic, capable and comfortable, defying the old stereotype of the frumpy wagon. Just what you need in the city (or country).

Disclosure: The Volvo V60 Cross Country was provided by Volvo Canada for a this review; all opinions are my own.

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