Chevy Invites Women Influencers to Media Day at the Washington Auto Show

Agirlsguidetocars Women Influencers - Washington Auto Show

Agirlsguidetocars Women Influencers - Washington Auto Show

Perhaps this post should be titled “Chevy Invites Women Influencers to Media Day at the Washington Auto Show and Much Chaos Ensued!”

I probably wouldn’t call the group of Women Influencers invited jointly by AGirlsGuidetoCars and Chevrolet chaotic but they certainly bring a sense of energy, style, and laughter to a sea of suits, as was the case last week in Washington, DC.

Agirlsguidetocars Women Influencers - Washington Auto Show

It’s hard to keep women still when they’re excited about cars!

When we reached out to several women influencers that joined us last year at the Washington Auto Show about a potential event at the 2016 show, the responses were overwhelming!

“I absolutely loved it last year. It’s the first time I ever considered myself a ‘car person.’ “

“I would definitely love to come again!”

“I would absolutely love to attend again. I’ll be searching for cars for larger families now that I’m expecting again! “

“It’s great to know the AGirlsGuidetoCars event is coming back!”

To say the group was enthusiastic was an understatement so we wanted to make sure we overdelivered this year and created an event that would get everyone talking about all things Chevy, all things women, and all things cars!

Chevy Volt Ride And Drive

We started our event on Wednesday, January 21st, with a Chevy Volt Ride & Drive Reception. Our ladies mastered their first task – arriving in downtown DC during rush hour! Our second task was to get back on the road with an assigned time slot and driving course for the 2016 Chevy Volt. While I’m all too familiar with the Volt personally, it was great to see the excitement as our influencers stepped out of the car with a completely different take on electric driving!

Chevy Volt Ride And Drive

Anne Parris at the Chevy Volt Ride and Drive

In addition to driving the Volt, we also had the chance to chat with GM reps who are committed to sustainability. Did you know, for example, that there’s a huge initiative not only to reduce, reuse, and recycle at Chevrolet, but they are also making great strides in repurpose?

Gm Repurposes Volt Components

GM repurposes many Volt components.

Volt battery covers now become bat houses. Volt engine insulation now becomes fill for clothing and sleeping bags for the homeless. The environmental impact of the Volt goes beyond the energy savings on the road.

To keep the excitement and momentum of our Chevy experience going, we all settled in for a dinner sponsored by Chevrolet across the street at Del Frisco’s Grille. I’m not sure the waitstaff knew what to do with 25 women eating, talking, and capturing it all on social media!

Chevy Women'S Influencer Dinner

Here’s where the event gets especially interesting. We thought we’d beat the blizzard named Jonas and, for the most part, we did. But that evening, while we were gabbing away at dinner, about an inch of snow fell and completely iced over the city. Trips home that should have taken anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour took 3 to 7 hours due to all of the accidents. (Thankfully all of our influencers made it home safely).

But the next morning, despite many late returns home, our influencers returned to the 2016 Washington Auto Show for a cold but clear and sunny day in Washington, DC. Our Media Day program was really the star of the show!

2016 Washington Auto Show

With a mid-morning start, we were ready to take over the floor of the auto show as our fearless leader, AGirlsGuidetoCars founder and IMPA President Scotty Reiss, led us on a tour of the entire show. As we walked, she clued us in on the trends in the automotive industry, especially as they relate to women.

Scotty Reiss Leads Our Auto Show Tour

Scotty Reiss leads our auto show tour

After circling both floors of the show, we ended up front and center at the Chevrolet booth, surrounded by its sister brands Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. Kim Carpenter from GM Communications gave us a tour of the latest lineup of Chevy vehicles. It was fun to see each woman gravitate to the model that appealed to them most: many moms gathered around the Traverse, DC area commuters stopped at the Sonic and Spark, luxury drivers swooned at the Impala and Malibu. And then there was the Corvette. ‘Nuff said.

2016 Chevy Corvette

2016 Chevy Corvette Z06

But the real star of the show was Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer of Electrification, who introduced the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV to the entire media audience. The Bolt EV, due out in fall 2016, is an all-electric plug-in vehicle offering a range of up to 200 miles with one charge. The Volt is still available for those looking more for a plug-in hybrid.

Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer

Pam Fletcher, Executive Chief Engineer

We ended the event much like we began – women talking to women about cars. And then we gave away prizes. With our small, devoted, enthusiastic crowd, no one went home empty-handed. While we love cars, we also love style and we know the Kate Spade bags and jewelry and wine will all be put to good use with this crowd.

Instagram Challenge Prizes

We had plenty to giveaway for our Instagram challenge!

Ashley Saunders Was Thrilled With Her New Kate Spade Handbag!

Ashley Saunders was thrilled with her new Kate Spade handbag!

AGirlsGuidetoCars partnered with Chevrolet for this two day event bringing together many influential women from around the DC area. Find their Periscopes, tweets, and Instagram photos under the event hashtag #ChevyWAS.

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