The 2022 Chevrolet Traverse 3-Row SUV Hits the Sweet Spot With Family-Friendly Capability

Sara And The Traverse Fi. Photo- Sara Lacey
Sara and the Traverse FI. Photo- Sara Lacey

And it’s perfect for road trip season!

It was snowy on the road but we had sunny skies. The 5-hour road trip flew by; it was the perfect test for the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse RS 3 row SUV. There were three of us in the car, my husband, my son, and I and we were all excited for our ski trip. We packed enough for several days (which, let’s be honest, is the same amount we pack for two weeks). This included all our skis and gear. And the Traverse didn’t bat an eyelash. 

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The Front Of The 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Rich Lacey

The front of the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse 3 row SUV. Photo: Rich Lacey

A Subtle New Look for 2022

The Chevrolet Traverse got a light makeover for 2022; this includes a new grille and new wheel designs, as well as new headlamps and tail lamps. The Traverse I tested had a 3.2 L V6 engine and all-wheel drive (which adds to the price, but in some places it’s a must-have). An RS trim, and had a base price of $46,200, but after a couple of additions like the dual sunroof, trailer hitch system and that pretty red paint job, the price came out to $50,040.

The base Traverse starts at $34,895 with front-wheel drive and a V6 engine.

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The Dash Of 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Sara Lacey

The dash of 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Sara Lacey

First off, the Traverse fits in to my Family-of-Four Sweet Spot

And honestly, most midsize SUVs do. Having a third row in the Traverse allows for friends to come along when needed or extra cargo space when you don’t need seating. When the third row seats aren’t in use, they are stowed and there is a ton of room for cargo. The Traverse I tested had second-row captain’s chairs, so I had seating for seven. It is one of the larger mid-size SUV’s, so bear that in mind for garages or on-street parking scenarios.

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Cargo Area Of The 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Sara Lacey

Cargo area of the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse; pull those straps to put the third row seats down. Photo: Sara Lacey

The 2022 Chevrolet Traverse RS Also Hits the Technology Sweet-Spot

My son was finishing up a project for school, and actually used the wi-fi hotspot for part of our trip and it was really a lifesaver! He was able to use the travel time to get work done, and as most of us know by now, it was such a relief to make use of the time instead of stressing about the project the whole way, and then having to do the work once we arrived.

The navigation system was spot-on, and I used Apple CarPlay during our trip. I was able to play a few podcast episodes and my music. But the Chevrolet’s multimedia system was easy to use, too. I indulged in a little satellite radio, even. The Traverse has an 8” touchscreen and it’s very easy to see and use. 

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The View From The Third Row. Photo: Sara Lacey

The view from the third row. Photo: Sara Lacey

What Else Impresses in the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse RS?

The technology in the Traverse wasn’t the only stand-out set of features. The cold-weather features were great and were used in heavy rotation throughout my test. The front seats were heated and on most of the time we were in the Traverse. I also had a heated steering wheel. Now, I know these aren’t new, but every single time I get to drive a car with these features, I remember how much I love them.

Another fun feature was a clever secret storage compartment behind the 8″ touchscreen. Yes. Secret compartment! Just look:

Clever Lined Compartment! Photo: Sara Lacey

Clever lined compartment! Photo: Sara Lacey

There was a large bin in the center console and I really appreciated it for our large water bottles. I love taking those insulated bottles with me, but often they do not fit in cupholders or even bottle holders in the door.

An Ample Storage In The Center Console! Photo: Sara Lacey

An ample storage in the center console! Photo: Sara Lacey

I Was Worried I Wouldn’t be Able to Fit All My Stuff.

But I didn’t need to be. The Traverse has crossbars on the roof, but I didn’t have racks that fit them. But I was able to mount a ski rack to the trailer hitch. This reminded me that while mid-size SUV’s aren’t as big as full-size SUV’s, they are still long and the Traverse is one of the longest. Add the ski rack off the back. It took some adjusting and I noticed it most in the drive-thru lane we went through on our way home.

The Ski Rack In A Lowered Position. Photo: Rich Lacey

The ski rack in a lowered position. Photo: Rich Lacey

Another family-friendly feature is the sheer number of power ports: two USB ports in the front, middle, and third rows. There was also a wireless charging pad in the front console. Of course there are a couple of 12v outlets too. Just in case you want to fire up a pot of chili for your tailgate.

The safety features in my test Traverse included a 360 degree surround view camera, a teen driver package, rear park assist and rear cross traffic alert. It also had blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert and front pedestrian braking.

Bin Under The Cargo Area. Photo: Sara Lacey

Bin under the cargo area. Photo: Sara Lacey

Wait, what is the Teen Driver Package?

And yes, a teen driver package! It’s a program that will mute the stereo until seat belts are fastened, set a speed limit, set an audio volume limit, and it will also filter explicit content on Sirius XM. Also, the Traverse can generate a report for you based on your teen’s driving. How do you activate it? It’s tied to a fob that you program in a menu in the multimedia system. So cool! Or lame, if you’re a teen driver.

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Loading Up The 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Sara Lacey

Loading up the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse. Photo: Sara Lacey

Spending a week with my family was made better by doing it in the 2022 Chevrolet Traverse RS. It wasn’t so big I couldn’t park it in narrow spots. It shuttled 6 adults comfortably on a long drive to dinner and back. It took us comfortably and confidently into the mountains and snow. And it let us drive to the mountains in comfort with as much togetherness, or not, as we wanted. Which is, of course, the perfect road trip!

Disclosure: Chevrolet provided me with the 2022 Traverse to test. All opinions are my own.

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