Yes, You Can Get Cheap Gas: The Best Gas Apps and Discounts

We love to save money, and saving money on gas is no exception. You can get cheap gas with the best gas apps. Then spend the savings on something fun.

Low Fuel Warning Cheap Gas
Time to stop for gas again. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Then, spend your savings at Sephora. 

When it comes to things I love that offer bonuses for loyalty, you have me. Starbucks is always my first choice on the road, and by the end of a road trip I’m into the free latte zone. And what would life be like without all the tiny replicas of full size goodies that Sephora loyalty earns? Buying gas isn’t as fun or fanciful as cosmetics or a cold creme nitro brew, but the chance to find cheap gas is one I won’t pass by.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to find cheap gas: discounts, loyalty programs and the best gas apps. And the rise in ride share and delivery drivers have added to the number of programs, though many of them take some persistence in learning and use and are better for the regular user than the more casual filler-upper. Many of these programs involve enrolling, saving points and other gaming strategies to maximize the savings.

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The Kia Sportage Features A Capless Gas Filler - A Great Pairing Using The Best Gas Apps To Find Cheap Gas. Photo: Danyel Buie

The Kia Sportage features a capless gas filler – a great pairing with cheap gas! Photo: Danyel Buie

How to Find Cheap Gas: Loyalty, Discounts and Gas Apps

Here are some of our favorite ways to get discounts on gas.

Google Maps

This one is simple. Type “gas” into Google Maps and you’ll see the stations around you and most will show their current prices. Swipe around town to see if it’s cheaper if you drive out toward the highway or on your route to the mall. The caveat: Not all stations report their prices, and price reporting can lag, so even though gas is advertised at $2.94/gal for regular, prices may have gone up a few cents — or down.

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Shell Rewards

Shell has had rewards programs for a long time, partnering with grocery stores, with the Fuel Rewards App and offering rewards on its own credit card and app. You can earn up to .25¢ per gallon and Shell stations are literally everywhere.

One Of Our Favorite Gas Apps Is The Costco App; It Shows Gas Its Station Locations And Prices; This Is A Great Place To Get Cheap Gas. Photo: Scotty Reiss

The Costco app shows gas its station locations and prices; this is a great place to get cheap gas. Photo: Scotty Reiss


One of our favorite ways to save on gas and it’s typically a significant discount over other gas stations. You do need a membership to buy gas here, gas is not available at every Costco location, and Costco gas stations are known for long lines, especially during rush hour and on the weekends. You can see current prices on the Costco app, however, which is a bonus when you’re deciding if it’s worth the wait.

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Sams Club

Similar to Costco, gas can be significantly cheaper but the lines can be long at Sams Club. Also, we love using the QR code and app to fill up — no credit card required. 

Cash back credit card

We like Capital One, but many credit cards have a cash back option that you can use for gas savings. Most have no fee and offer between 1% and 10% back on your annual expenditures. Read the fine print; not all purchase categories qualify, and many earn cash back at different rates. Pick the one that is right for you and use it consistently for maximum savings.

Love’s Travel Stops

Often the cheapest gas on the highway – we love Love’s for this! – the road trip staple is featuring a 10¢ per gallon discount through the end of September when using the Love’s app. You can use the app to locate the nearest station and plan your trip. Definitely worth the download.

Murphy Gas Rewards Is Another Of The Best Gas Apps, And A Great Way To Get Cheap Gas. Photo: Sara Lacey

Murphy Gas Rewards. Photo: Sara Lacey

Murphy Drive Rewards

Earn points toward gas discounts and free snacks and merchandise at Murphy stations. Often the lowest price among its competitors, app users can save points for up to $1 off per gallon— though it’ll likely take you 60 or so fill-ups to reach that reward. 

Upside Rewards Phone App Lets You Earn Cash Back On Cheap Gas At Select Gas Stations

Upside rewards phone app lets you earn cash back at select gas stations. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Upside Rewards

This cash back program on food and fuel, Upside Rewards works only at participating stations, stores and restaurants, which can be seen on the app. Users pay full price, upload receipts and get a rebate on spending that can be paid out in cash to a bank account, PayPal or gift cards. Reviewers complain that often the rebate is processed at a lower rate and the app can be glitchy to use.

We Don’t Recommend

Gas Buddy. This long-time expert on gas prices and locations also has a savings program that users report costs them money by delaying or reducing discounts. The company has also been criticized for selling very detailed user data. According to the New York Times, Gas Buddy’s data collection includes personally identifiable data, and the organizations to which this data is sold include auto insurance companies. In our opinion, there are too many other discounts to make using Gas Buddy worthwhile. 

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