How to Easily and Discretely Change Clothes in the Car

How To Change Your Outfit In Your Car
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Become a ninja clothes changer.

You might only have thought of changing clothes in the car when you were crunched on time but really needed to change out of one outfit to the next. But these days, the idea of going into a public bathroom is often out of the question. But if you need to change, say out of work clothes and into your for end of the day workout clothes like a nice pair of olive green pants, consider using your car to change your outfit.

Your car is more than big enough to use as a dressing room, you just have to know how to use it properly. Here are some super simple suggestions that anyone can do.

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Go to that Dark Place

Find a private place to park. Changing your outfit in your car is no different than changing your outfit anywhere else: you’ll want to find a place to have some privacy. Remote areas of a parking lot or a garage that is out of the public eye are always top contenders to keep an eye out for, but don’t park someplace so remote you’re unsafe. And if that fails, consider investing in a few window shades that you can pull down to block out the view of others. In a pinch, they’ll work great at giving you just enough privacy to change.

Change In The Car

Getting ready in the car can be easy peasy. Photo: Canva

Avoid a Disaster

Never attempt to change your outfit in the driver’s seat. Many have tried and failed. With the steering wheel in the way, space is just limited. Instead, move to the passenger seat for more room, or the even better option is to head to the backseat. You can move the passenger seat forward for even more back seat space. The larger the space in your car that you can find and use to change your outfit, the better.

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Pretend it’s a Pandemic – Now That You Know What One Is Like

Have your clothes at hand with you so you can act quickly. While you may be in a routine of placing items in your trunk, it’s always better to have your clothing in arms’ reach instead. You never know how much time you are going to have to change your clothes in the car, so don’t waste any by having to hop in and out of the car, run back to the trunk, open the trunk, grab out your clothes, close the trunk and hope back in the car. By the time you did all of that, you could have already changed your outfit and been ready to go.

Avoid the Peeper

Just in case someone sees you and thinks this might be a good show, change your outfit piece by piece. Start from the top and move down in terms of clothing items to change into. If you feel there are unwanted eyes on you, you can easily slide over to the driver’s seat and move the car.

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Stand Up, Smooth Out and Be on Your Way

When you’ve changed it’s time to get out of the car. Use this as an opportunity to smooth out the wrinkles, adjust your waistband and make those last fixes before you walk away.

While it may not be ideal to change your clothes in your car, rest easy knowing that you can do it if you have to. The key is to be discrete, quick and prepared. And don’t forget that one last critical piece: Your mask.

When'S The Last Time That You Found Yourself Crunched On Time But Really Needed A New Outfit. Find Out How To Change Clothes In The Car With These Tips!

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