Going Topless: What’s Your Convertible Car Style?

Convertible Car Style On A Girls Guide To Cars

It’s Summertime Ladies. Take Off Those Tops!

When the sun comes out, the tops come off. Hold up! Don’t bring out the “girls” and get arrested for indecent exposure…we’re talking about convertible tops. It’s the quintessential summer car that actually works for spring and autumn, too. And, if you live in Florida…you can stretch that convertible season through winter.

Just watching a convertible rolling down the highway brings back memories of driving around with friends singing along with the radio. And, of course, it reminds me of Thelma & Louise. Let’s face it, that beloved girl power movie wouldn’t have been the same in a regular sedan or SUV. And definitely not a minivan!

Convertible Style On A Girls Guide To Cars

These people are responsible for my convertible DNA–Daddy & Mama! Photo: Terri Marshall

Convertible Love: Is it DNA? 

Having owned a couple of convertibles over the years—a Mazda Miata and a Chrysler PT Cruiser (remember those?)—these topless babies are in my DNA. A convertible isn’t the most practical choice for my current apartment dwelling lifestyle in New York City, but I’m still smitten. I’ll rent one any chance I get—especially if I can get my hands on a Ford Mustang convertible! And, when I visit my parents in Chattanooga, I’ll take their Mazda Miata out for a spin on the winding mountain roads.

I’m not alone in my convertible crush. Here’s what my 77-year-old “Mama” had to say about their Miata, “We bought our first Miata after I fell off the back of your Daddy’s motorcycle. He said I probably wouldn’t fall out of it, but you never know.” I just hope she’s keeping her top on.

Car Love: It’s real for Miata Owners.

Celebrities like Jamie Fox have the convertible crush too…of course, his convertible is a Rolls Royce.


And check out this “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” convertible…I’d love to get behind the wheel of this beauty! Oh wait, it’s in a vineyard? I’ll sit in the passenger seat with my wine and have someone else drive me around.


And, seriously, does it get any better than a classic Mustang convertible? I think not.


Loving Life In A Ragtop Sports Car: Mustang Gt 5.0 Convertible Sports Car

The kids asked for a couple of extra spins around the neighborhood in the Mustang GT convertible.; Photo: Scotty Reiss

Convertible Love Starts Early

Scotty Reiss just had to introduce these little darlings to the fun of a convertible. With the top down on the Mustang GT it was fairly easy to install the car seats. Not having ridden in a convertible before, both kids were a  bit reluctant at first, until they felt the wind whipping through their hair and sunshine on their faces. From then on it was love. They didn’t want to get out of the car!

Check out the 2018 Mustang Ragtop Convertible.

Convertible Style On A Girls Guide To Cars

The Pacific Coast Highway demands a convertible! Photo: Terri Marshall

Some Road Trips Demand a Convertible

No matter what your personal convertible style is, you have to admit: some road trips require you to go topless. Can you imagine California’s Pacific Coast Highway without convertibles? Of course not. And what about the Florida Keys?  I mean the 7-mile bridge would be too ordinary in a sedan. Even adventure drives can be done topless…take a Jeep!

Convertible Style On A Girls Guide To Cars

Take a Jeep on your Topless Adventure! Photo: Scott Ellis via Creative Commons

Sometimes You Just Have To Take It Off, Right? From The Classics To The Latest Models, Who Doesn'T Love The Open Air And Sunshine Of A Convertible Car!

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