Some Celebrities Give the Ultimate Holiday Gift: A Brand New Car

The Kardashian Car Collection

Finally, a Really Great Reason to Be a Kardashian: Cars.

No celebrity family has a more impressive collection of cars than the Kardashians. They gift themselves fabulous cars and have even received a few cars from loved ones.

Everyone in the Kardashian family has a Range Rover

When their reality show premiered the Kardashian family’s love of Range Rovers was on full display and it has not waivered. It’s like it’s a requirement. Get your license – buy a Range Rover.

Here’s Kim and her first Range Rover

Khloe’s new Range Rover with a custom velvet wrap

Kylie and her Range Rover with custom wheels and paint job.

Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce rate, too

Range Rovers are not the only car brand the family loves. They also love Mercedes-Benz and Rolls Royce. Kim was one of the first people to own a Mercedes G-wagon G63.

Khloe and Kourtney soon joined in the fun with their own G-wagons

Little sister Kylie was not going to be left out. Here’s her G-wagon, Norman (yes his name is Norman).

Some occasions, like shopping, call for ultimate luxury

Khloe likes to go shopping in a Rolls Royce Wraith.

Momanager Kris Jenner prefers the new Rolls Royce Dawn convertible. I’m with Kris ; the Dawn is a gorgeous car.

Kardashian Cars

We agree with Kris Jenner: the rolls Royce Dawn is a beautiful car. We think this navy color would be very flattering on her. Photo: Rolls Royce

The youngest Kardashian/Jenner, Kylie, has her own impressive car collection. A few she’s bought herself but most have been birthday gifts. Her most recent gift was a Maybach (and just so you sound experienced, it’s pronounced “my-bock”).

Kylie and her boyfriend even have his and hers Ferraris

What Are We Going to Drive on Vacation?

When they’re not at home cruising around in one of their own fabulous cars, they cruise around on vacation in beautiful vintage cars like these…

This summer in Cuba.

Khloe and a friend (in Cuba) in a vintage Chevrolet

Whether they’re vintage, luxury SUVs or exotic sports cars, this family loves cars. And that love even spills over to their kids. Here’s a picture of Kanye and North West’s adorable Daddy & Daughter Lamborghini’s.

I can’t wait to see what cars the Kardashian family adds to their already fabulous collection this holiday season.

What car would you love to receive as a gift? Can you keep up with the Kardashian’s car collection?

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