Car Companies Want Moms: At the LA Auto Show, The Evidence Is Everywhere

Porsche With Patrick Dempsey La Auto Show

Sponge Bob Toyota Sienna--La Auto Show

What do women want at an auto show? Really great cars. But handsome men, style tips and kids entertainment doesn’t hurt, either.

The LA Auto Show is a spectacular array of colors, lights, plush carpet and carbon fiber. But, this year, what is really notable is who the car companies are desperately trying to attract. This year, the evidence is clear…it’s The Year Of The Moms.

It hits you like a tidal wave walking into the show, where you’re soaked by The Spongebob Sienna. I dunno about you, but the last thing my minivan needs is a life size salty sponge and his pet snail. I’ve got enough problems with tiny, salty Goldfish.

About 10 steps later, the unicorn madness begins:

Toyota Camry With Unicorn, La Auto Show

Now I have to spend the rest of the day listening to my daughter beg for that enormous lice trap. Up until then, I had convinced her that Santa couldn’t get her a bison-sized plush toy, for it only exists on TV, like all unicorns.

And then there’s street artist Mr. Brainwash’s Mercedes. The artist’s rendition of a family car is stunning, but I’m still shaking from the idea of my kids getting their Jackson Pollock on in my driveway.

Mercedes Benz, Artist Rendition La Auto Show

Maybe one of the more exciting ‘mom’ moments was seeing the new Land Rover Discovery, which is offered with a third row, because we moms certainly need more options. I’m hoping that this one comes with yoga lessons, too; getting in & out of the third row is a doozy.

Range Rover Discovery La Auto Show

Real evidence of how female-friendly the show is now is seen in how the spokeswomen are dressed—there are no sleazy outfits! I was beginning to wonder if I was at a car show or an Oprah makeover show.

Lexus La Auto Show

And that certainly works for me–especially if Oprah decides to give everyone a LexusЗайм на карту . I’d also like to know where to get my hair & makeup done.

The launch of the Fiat 500x Crossover was pretty exciting too; as much as we all love the flagship 500, trailering your kids and groceries behind you can get pretty awkward.  The latest version is adorable and practical:

Fiat 500 Crossover La Auto Show

Then there was the pink Mitsubishi hatchback parked in front of the women’s restroom. How offensive! Please, if you really wanted my attention, you would’ve parked it in front of the ice cream stand.

Mitsubishi 2015 La Auto Show


Bringing out Patrick Dempsey in a sexy jumpsuit to launch the new Porsche 911 GTS was another low blow, but to be safe, I decided to take a few hundred photos so I could remember how annoyingly handsome he is.

Porsche With Patrick Dempsey La Auto Show

So if you’re feeling blue, undesirable and wondering if anyone out there thinks you deserve special attention, trust me, they do. And they want you to buy a car. However, if they really wanted my money, they would’ve provided individual bouncy houses for my kids and a glass of red and a pedicure for me. But, there’s always next year.



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