Why Captain Marvel Drives Us Wild

Captain Marvel On A Jet

Higher, Further, Faster Baby! 

Captain Marvel is giving us major girl power vibes and we couldn’t be more excited. The film follows the journey of a strong young woman turned superhero. It’s about time Marvel gave their strongest superhero the spotlight. Move over boys, Carol Danvers is taking the wheel- and she knows how to use them all.

Here’s why Captain Marvel drives us wild!

Captain Marvel Driving

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She Loves to Drive All Kinds of Things

In the second trailer alone, we see Danvers driving go-karts, a bicycle, flying an aircraft, a spacecraft and riding a motorcycle. Eventually, she just takes off using her mega powers without needing any assistance from wheels.

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Her Workouts Inspire Us to Be Super Humans

Actress Brie Larson (Captain Marvel) gets ready for battle with intense workouts. And by intense we mean pushing an almost 5,000-pound Jeep! Her recent Instagram video received tough criticism from male trolls claiming it takes little strength to push a car. But this was a simple part of the superhero’s training and a joke with her trainer. For months, Larson has been lifting and pulling and doing all sorts of intense workouts to gain strength at a Captain Marvel level. Surely, those trolls don’t have half her strength.


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Captain Marvel is Old School

The film is set in the late 80s, early 90s so you can expect to go back in time and reminisce about places like BlockBuster and things we see less of now like boxy cars and payphones. You’ll also be taken back to a time where women were still being told what to do. But not to fear, Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is one of Marvel’s early rebels. She’s a feminist who fights for what she believes in and is not afraid to use her super strength to get her point across.

Captain Marvel Using Her Powers

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We love a good girl gang and this one is golden. Carol Danvers friendship with Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) is more like a tight sisterly bond in the movie. They face discrimination together and many more challenges being women in the air force. Two female air force pilots from different backgrounds, ahead of their time and supporting one other. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Captain Marvel And Her Bestie Maria

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She’s a Real Life Superhero Changing the World

When she’s not playing Captain Marvel, she’s out in the real world trying to make a difference. Not only has she been part of the TimesUp #MeToo movement since the beginning, Larson also used her platform to create more opportunities in her press tour. Her mission was “inclusion.” She wanted a diverse team of hair, makeup, wardrobe, journalists, photographers and more. This won her real-life superhero status with many in the industry.

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Captain Marvel hits the theaters on March 8th just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Captain Marvel Is Giving Us Major Girl Power Vibes And We Couldn'T Be More Excited For The New Film. Here'S Why Captain Marvel Drives Us Wild!

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