Learn the Magic of the Ultimate Driving Machine at BMW Driving School

Bmw Driving School At Bmw Performance Center West

And, you can learn safe driving. If you really want to.

When people see a BMW on the road, all eyes and attention tend to go directly to it. Can you blame them? It’s a sharp looking car, full of power and known for delivering exhilarating driving experience, even on the most mundane roads.

Anyone who owns a BMW will tell you that they love their car and how it handles.

But do they really know how it handles? What it’s really capable of? And, how to handle it if you find out accidentally?

To help its customers and others who want to learn how to drive a performance car, BMW has two Performance Center locations, one in Southern California and one near the company’s North American manufacturing plant in South Carolina, that are dedicated to helping teach drivers how to both challenge the car and the road, and also how to control a car safely under many different road conditions.

With a fleet of BMWs on hand for customers to drive, the school is open to both BMW owners and non-owners, as well as teens who are just learning to drive.

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Performance Driving Lessons At Bmw Performance Center West

Cars that guests drive at the BMW Performance Center West include BMW M2s and Mini Coopers. Photos: Scotty Reiss

Learn Ultimate Driving Skills at BMW’s Driving School and M School

The pride behind the BMW emblem is engineering. At BMW’s driving school you get to see just what that engineering can do on all sorts of road conditions, and how it helps to keep you in control. Drivers learn to control the car on a wet skidpad doing figure 8s, how to handle the vehicle on uneven road conditions, challenge it through tight turns and short stops on the autocross course, then put it to the test on the track for timed laps, all under the coaching of professional drivers.

Then there’s M School: In BMW lingo, M means power and performance in a luxe package. M-series cars have more powerful engines and performance tuned systems built for the track. At the M School you’ll learn how to handle your BMW in varying conditions and let it blow your hair back on the track.

Cost: One day driving school: $849; two day driving school $1699; one-day M School, $1,550; two-day M School, $3,995

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Not Just Speed: Safe Driving, Stunt Driving and Motorcycle Riding Are On the Menu, Too

You might think the only reason to spend time at the BMW Performance Center West is to feed your need for speed. Nope. You–and your teen, significant other or bestie–can learn how to handle all sorts of road conditions including how to stay safe on the road.

Teen School

If you have a teenager getting ready to get behind the wheel, the Teen Driving class is a really great idea! They’ll learn all about how to react to panic braking, emergency lane changes, how to not drive distracted and how to react to certain situations.

Cost: One-day teen driving course is $849, a two-day course is $1,699.

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Mini Autocross and Stunt Driving School

At the company’s South Carolina facility, autocross and track school teaches drivers to slalom, panic brake, control skidding and expert handling on this short course. On the stunt driving course you’ll learn J-turns, 180-turns and how to whip a Mini sideways into a parallel parking spot.

Cost: The one day autocross class is $850; one day stunt driving is $750

Motorcycle Courses

But wait…don’t forget that BMW makes some pretty cool motorcycles as well! If you decide that being on two wheels is more your thing, the motorcycles courses at the BMW Performance Center are perfect for having fun and learning to get there safely, too.

In the on-road course students learn the important building blocks of safety when it comes to riding a motorcycle. From everyday basics to learning strategies for more speed and control, riders will learn how to stay safe and have fun.

But not all paths are paved, right? And, the off-road dirt bike world can be even more fun. Riders will learn how to handle riding off-road as well, from climbing hills and traversing gullies to maintaining control on slippery or gravel surfaces.

Cost: The on road course is $595 if you use your own bike; $795 if you use one of their bikes. The off road course is $635 for a one day course using their bike, $795 to use their bike; the two-day course using your own bike is $1,270 and$1,590 using their bike.

And you thought these were just good looking cars.

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Yes, You Can Learn To Drive Your Hot New Car From The Pros Who Engineered It. At The Bmw Performance Center You'Ll Learn To Master This Magical Machine.