Britax Car Seats: Easy Peasy Installation

Britax Car Seat
Installing the rear-facing Britax car seat with ClickTight technology. Credit: Britax

New Technology from Britax Ensures Proper Installation Every Time

An astounding 75 percent of parents install car seats incorrectly.

And likely just as many aren’t sure how to pronounce Britax, the innovator in creating an easy-to-correctly install car seat technology called ClickTight.

First things first: as an English  company the car seat brand is properly pronounced ‘Bri-‘ as in British ‘-tax’.


Britax Car Seat

Fun pattern in the new Britax car seat

Installing the new car seats correctly is even easier.

Britax just introduced its ClickTight Convertible Car Seats, an extension of the line of ClickTight booster seats that essentially guarantees quick easy installation.

Can It Be Any Easier?

At a recent event announcing the new safety seats, a Britax spokesperson broke down the steps for me:

  • Position the car seat in the car
  • Pop open the Britax car seat bottom
  • Pull the seatbelt across the car seat and under the arm rests
  • Snap belt buckle into place
  • Remove slack from the belt
  • Push down the Britax car seat bottom and listen for the ‘click’

Do not:

  • Wrestle to get the seat into the car
  • Climb in and with your knee, push the seat into place
  • Look like a monkey butt wriggling in the backseat of your car
  • Break your back just getting the car seat in place (save that for the 40 lb. toddler who is patiently, quietly waiting for you)

Here is a video that shows how the system works (it’s only :30. Can’t be all that hard to do!):

Help for Mommy (And Daddy) Brain

I remember being flummoxed by my kids’ car seats, which seemed to grow tentacles whenever I tried to install them. And in New York City, at least in the 1990s, you had to remove your car seat every time you parked, or risk someone smashing in your window and stealing it. With post-pregnancy brain, or lack of sleep, new parents don’t need another stressor in their lives, and a car seat that provides simple, consistent installation, whether forward or rear facing, is just the ticket.

Confidence on The Road Or In Other People’s Cars

The easy installation also comes in handy for travel -if you are renting a car, you can be sure that your precious little one is safe while you are on vacation. And when someone else, like a baby sitter or well meaning but childless aunt, takes your dear darling to the park, you can be sure that the car seat is properly installed and your child is safe in transit.

And of course, the quicker you get the car seat in, the easier it is to pop your kid in. Mine did the octopus arms when I took too long trying to secure the car seat, so the few simple steps would have saved me a mountain of grief.

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