Boots in Cars: Winter Footwear

Leaura Luciano In The Tesla S
Boots in the boot; LeAura shows how roomy the Tesla Model S trunk is

How To Keep Your Feet Warm, Dry & Fashionable in Winter Christian Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks may grace the red carpet, but most women reach for their favorite pair of boots when going out. When the only Oscar in your future is a Sesame Street character, you give an Academy Award to your trusty boots. Boots can be stylish, functional and comfortable all at once, and in winter, particularly this winter on the east coast, they are mandatory. They can also require their own footwear budget, or be found on sale. Ask a woman to choose her favorite footwear and she often selects a pair of boots. We asked fashionable women what boots they are wearing to get through Polar Vortex ’14. Here are some of their choices: Seeing Red


Jocelyn Allen is match-matchy with her red Uggs, coat & 2014 Cadillac XTS

Jocelyn Allen at General Motors said, “I LOVE Uggs! I travel a lot for my job as GM’s Director of Regional, Grassroots and Diversity Communications and Uggs are my go-to travel boots. I have four pairs but I love this particular pair because they’re my favorite color, red. As you can see, they even match the color of my car. They make me feel like I can moonwalk, but we all know I can’t. The sparkly red is just fun (even though my son and boyfriend would disagree and would love to give them away)!” Jocelyn is match-matchy with her 2014 Cadillac XTS. Hunting for Riding Boots Vera Sweeney, co-founder of the Fashion Forward conference and author of Lady and the Blog, said, “My favorite riding boots are actually knee highs from Tory Burch. I went on an online hunt last year to find them because all my local stores were out of stock. It took me several weeks to finally snag this pair and I wear them with pride as I tell this war story!” Vera posed with her family’s second car, a Nissan Murano, bought pre-third child. “We only use this to make quick trips to the market as it no longer fits our family of five (three car seats).” But Vera proves that even a mom schlepping three kids can look fantastic no matter what she drives.


Alissa Green’s boots were made for walking

Double Duty Alissa Green, social media manager for, loves her North Face boots. She said “I got them about 4 years ago as a birthday present from my mom, since she knows how much walking I do living in Chicago (and then New York) and wanted to make sure I was staying warm. I’m probably due for an upgrade at this point, but I love how comfortable they are and that I can roll up the top sweater fabric to serve as a combo fashion/winter boot.” When Alissa isn’t walking through snowy city tundras, she drives a Saab 9-3.


Carissa Rogers was lucky to snag her Lucky Brand riding boots

Carissa Rogers, GoodNCrazy TravelingMom, said of her Lucky Brand Abeni Leather Riding Boots “I love these boots so much and I waited nearly 3 years to FIND them! I had to kiss several red boot frogs before my boot prince finally came through! They are the perfect heel height, making driving and most other activities practical in them. And the dark red color goes with everything from a casual trip to Target to a night out with my Valentine! Worth the wait? I think so!!” Read about her boots saga here. Car Show Lifesaver Lifestyle Expert LeAura Luciano loves her lace up black suede boots by Naturalizer. “I got them ages ago..but they are chic and comfy enough for walking around all day (at the auto show) or even on a runway.

Leaura Luciano And Her Favorite Boots

LeAura Luciano checking out a Porsche at the Detroit Auto Show

Who doesn’t love a Porsche?  Allow me to geek out: At the Detroit Auto Show I got the chance to learn about and experience how the Panamera S E-Hybrid sets new standards in performance, efficiency, and convenience in everyday use. Moreover, the new Panamera S E-Hybrid improves upon the concept offered by the previous Panamera S Hybrid with a more powerful electric motor, a higher-performance battery that supplies more energy and is able be recharged from home or public vehicle charging stations. Snow, Snow, Go Away Audra Fordin, founder of Women Auto Know,


Audra Fordin’s feet are warm – and chic – in her faux fur boots

knows her way around an auto repair shop and a shoe store. “Holy winter snow! My warm (faux) furry boots are keeping my toes toasty,” says Audra. United States vs England

Leaura Luciano And Her Favorite Boots

Boots in the boot; LeAura shows how roomy the Tesla Model S trunk is

In England, the boots in cars refer to trunks, but in the United States, we are talking shoes. But LeAura had another idea when she saw the Tesla Model S at the Detroit Auto Show. The Tesla Model S seats up to 8 people. “In the ‘trunk” area there’s deep trunk space and a row of seats facing out… also there’s frunk (trunk in the front) in addition to the actual trunk…talk about space.” Yippy for Waterproof Boots Lara DiPaola, a Domestic Environs Engineer and Maryland-based blogger, said, “These are my Nomad “Yippy” Boots. I choose them because everything is so darn soggy around these parts. I don’t dare sport any of my beloved “fancy schmancy” boots when could lose them in an endless mud pit or slowly melting wall of snow. These wonderful “wellies” let me keep some sense of style, and never fail to get noticed. Plus, DUDE—do you see how they go with my bag?!”


Lara DiPaola in her colorful boots

“The car is all part of my shoe and bag plot, too,” says Lara. “I drive a sporty, fuel efficient 2014 Hyundai Tuscon GLS. Gets the family and cargo where we need to go, is a great road trip trooper, and the sticker price leaves lots of wiggle room for shopping! And I REALLY love these boots. My pricey boots have their place too, but in this soggy mess my Nomads are my go-to boots… made for walkin’ and drivin’… plus, they were only about $60.” Not Just the Ladies


Travis Parman’s rugged & reliable Skechers

This year, the polar vortex has caused its fair share of chaos throughout the country. In northern Michigan, where three feet of snow is considered “child’s play,” comfort and functionality reign supreme. Enter Travis Parman’s reliable Sketchers boots.  For the Director of Corporate Communications at Nissan, these are arguably the most important qualities when looking for the right winter boot. From shoveling the driveway in the morning to enjoying the rustic beauty via snowmobile in the afternoon, he’s relied on these boots for so long he claims they are “vintage Sketchers and still going strong.” When not hiking his property on the weekends near Alpena, MI, Travis relies on his Nissan Armada to get him around town.   The Best of Both Worlds


Melanie Batenchuk epitomizes her website’s name in chic Corso Como boots

Melanie Batenchuk, the founder and editor of Be Car Chic, said her favorite boots are Cognac riding boots by Corso Como. “I’ve had these boots since 2008 and they are well broken in, making them the ideal boots to wear if I need to go for a drive out to the country – like I did recently in the 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. These boots are the perfect blend of casual comfort and professional presentation. When shined up, they look great with a shift dress at the office or an event, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get down and dirty. The more wear and tear these cognac slip-on boots get, the better they look!”

Whether you paid $60 or $600 for your fave boots, bought them impulsively or spent months searching for them, you know boots serve a very important purchase: keeping your feet looking good for spring, when your toes can finally wiggle free and enjoy the fresh air. I know my toes are eagerly awaiting it.          

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