What We’re Buying on Black Friday: Our Self Care Gift Guide 

Shopping for yourself is self care, and Black Friday is a great time to do it. Here's our shopping season gift guide with our favorite indulgences for you or someone else.

Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday shopping

Treat yourself to something nice. 

It’s great to think of others on Black Friday, but self-care includes shopping for things you need (or want) that will make your life easier and more pleasant. 

In fact, about 65% of Black Friday shoppers buy something for themselves; the deals are great and time is money — you might as well get what you need while you’re shopping.

This gift guide is a what we’re shopping for when we hit the stores and the web on Friday (post-turkey browsing during football is a legit use of couch time).

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Toswake Lambskin Gloves

Toswake lambskin gloves. Photo: Amazon

Buy Driving Gloves this Black Friday

There’s nothing more elegant in winter than a beautiful pair of gloves. And there’s hardly anything a more luxurious necessity than a good pair of gloves for driving. Keep your hands warm while keeping your grip tight on the wheel. I like lambskin gloves for their lightweight durability; they form to your hands, stretching to fit like a second skin. But if a synthetic leather is more your style, there are a lot of options too, and today’s faux leather options are stellar. 

Buy leather driving gloves here. 

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Zauknya Cosmetic Bag

Zauknya cosmetic bag. Photo: Amazon

Add This Great Makeup Bag to Your Gift Guide 

I bought this makeup bag for travel last year and loved it so much I bought them for my daughters, too. This design of this bag is brilliant: it has room for everything large and small, and allows you to organize things and keep them organized. I love how it opens on the counter to reveal everything neatly stowed, so you don’t have to unpack your bag at every stop, nor do you find yourself fumbling through your bag to find that eye liner that sinks to the bottom even though you use it every single day.

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Zauknya Cosmetic Bag Organizes Your Items Nicely

Zauknya cosmetic bag organizes your items nicely. Photo: Amazon

Buy the Zauknya makeup bag, or a similar one, here. 

A Girls Guide To Cars | What We’re Buying On Black Friday: Our Self Care Gift Guide  - A Small Clear Cosmetic Bag Is Great For The Car

A small clear cosmetic bag is great for the car. Photo: Amazon

And, For Your Center Console

This small, clear bag is perfect for your car’s center console. You can quickly find what you need and keep things from sinking to the bottom under the receipts, mint boxes and charger cords.  

Get a clear makeup bag here.

Supergoop'S Unseen Sunscreen

Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. Photo: Amazon

The Best Sunscreen. Ever. 

I can’t say enough about Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. Its weightless formulation feels more like a luxury serum than a sunscreen; it’s great under or over moisturizer, or even as a moisturizer. And your foundation will go on over it flawlessly. It’s simply the most luxurious necessity ever, and will make re-applying sunscreen a treat rather than a chore. Also, don’t confuse Supergoop with Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s luxury lifestyle brand. Though Gwyneth is probably envious she didn’t think of Supergoop, it’s that good. 

What are you waiting for? Get Supergoop here.

In-Car Fragrance Diffuser

In-car fragrance diffuser. Photo: Amazon

Your Car is Your Haven with this Fragrance Diffuser 

I love the elegant design of this fragrance diffuser, and it’s solar powered, so it’s powered by the light it absorbs. And it looks like it could be standard equipment in any modern car. Add your own fragrance or essential oils, and mount it on your dash, add it to a cupholder or put it in the rear window. Now, you can have your favorite Nest room fragrance on the go, too.

Get this beautiful diffuser here.

Nest Fragrance

A lovely Nest fragrance is a day brightener. Photo: Amazon

Speaking of Nest…

My life would not be the same without Nest: hand lotion, liquid soaps, candles and yes, diffused fragrances. My favorite is Bamboo, but there are many incredible botanicals that will simply make you happy being near them. 

Get Nest fragrances here (and bookmark this page).

A Massaging Car Seat Is A Necessary Luxury

A massaging car seat is a necessary luxury. Photo: Amazon

Ahhhhhh… a Massaging Seat 

You need this. I know I do. Long days of driving the kids around, road trips that have you at  the wheel for hours on end, or just a reason to sit in your lovely new car and breathe in its new car smell. If you have an EV and regularly find yourself at charging stations for a short time, then you really need this. Each time you get in the car will be an indulging treat. 

Indulge your daily drive here.

Renuwell Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

Renuwell lightweight cordless vacuum. Photo: Amazon

Every Girl Needs a Good Car Vac

With nearly 3,000 5-star reviews this compact vacuum has attachments to reach every crevice and angle, brushes for upholstery and can handle wet messes. It has multiple power settings, can run for up to an hour and recharges with a USB cord. Stow it in your cargo area for quick cleanups that don’t require going into another room to get the vac. 

Get this car vac here.

Cooau Dashcam

Cooau dashcam. Photo: Amazon

Guess What? You Need a Dash Cam

For a long time I thought dash cams were for drivers in high crime areas or countries with a lot of rogue drivers … until my friend’s car was it in a parking lot at Disney World. The driver drove off and she was stuck with the repair bill. But a good dash cam will capture the culprit and give you some recourse. This one has it all: more than 2,000 4.5-star reviews, front and interior facing cameras, low light capability for nighttime, GPS so to track your car, parking monitor and motion detection. It doesn’t have its own phone app, but the company recommends apps that work with the camera. 

Get a dash cam here.

Avapower Portable Power Pack

Avapower portable power pack. Photo: Amazon

Backup Power for the Car

The ultimate indulgence may be simply getting home no matter the challenge. So keep a back-up battery on hand. This small but mighty power pack is compact but can jump start a car or a truck and power phones and other items with two USB ports. And, it has a flash light if you get stuck in the dark. It’ll tuck away in your cargo area or glove box until you need it, and when you do you’ll be glad you have it.

Get a portable power pack here.

And just like that, the shopping season is upon us. Happy Black Friday! 

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