Why Women Love SUVs: 5 Reasons Why A Large SUV is Better

Reasons A Large Suv Makes You Queen Of The Road

Large Suv

Is driving an SUV in your DNA?

It wasn’t until several years ago, when I drove a large SUV for the first time, that I understood why a lot of people prefer trucks over cars. For one, several brands are making SUVs that are equipped for off-roading, two, you feel super protected due to the size of the vehicle, and three, you get the same luxury feeling that a car gives, making the experience really fun and satisfying.

All these reasons had me falling head over heels with driving a big SUV!  

Big Suv


#1: They Are Practical

SUVs are not only gorgeous, but they are also practical! They have space for pretty much everything, are extremely comfortable and are very safe. When I think of them I automatically envision an abundance of legroom/headroom, storage space, rear air vents and USB ports, which makes all of our lives a bit easier. In addition to ALL this SUV goodness, the high seating positions offer more visibility, and I feel a lot safer based on their size, durability, and ruggedness.

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Big Suv


#2: You Can Pack It In

They are great for carrying large loads. When I am out thrifting and run across an amazing piece of furniture for my apartment, it is super convenient to just fold the seats down and have the stock guy toss my new must-have in the back. Talk about a time & money saver! No more worrying about scheduling and paying delivery fees. #ChaChing ????????

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2019 Ford Edge St

Look at those 21″ wheels with their glossy black paint. SHARP! Photo by Erica Mueller

#3: A Big SUV Is Extremely Fun to Drive

Driving a large, rugged, yet luxurious SUV is extremely fun! Most have the speed that I love, are easy to handle, their cabins are exceptionally quiet, and are more of an EXPERIENCE than just a drive.

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Lincoln Nautilus

The 2019 Lincoln Black Label Nautilus in Burgundy Velvet. Photo: Lillie Morales

#4: They Are Better in Horrible Weather Conditions

I am a Michigan gal, so I can tell you countless horror stories about the times my Mazda 626 and I got stuck in huge snow banks. It wasn’t until I moved to South Florida 7 years ago, that I realized everyone doesn’t have to deal with those types of crazy weather conditions.

Now let me stop right there….during the time I realized Floridians don’t deal with snow/ice storms, I also realized that they are not exempt from crazy weather conditions. Instead of snow, there are extremely high winds and buckets, and buckets, and more buckets of uncontrollable water!

I remember when I experienced my first hurricane, I thought we were all going to die! ???? Thank God everyone I knew was physically OK, mentally I am not so sure! ???? ???? 

Throughout all my discombobulation, one of the things that I noticed is SUVs/Pickups usually plow through these type of weather conditions a lot easier than cars. #BigSUVSRock!

Big Suv


#5: You feel like a total Bad A$$

Yep, I gotta put it out there! When I am driving a big SUV I feel like a total #Bada$$! They are empowering, and to be honest a total confidence builder. I love that I can handle vehicles of this magnitude with ease.

A lot of times I feel like Ludacris, and want to tell everyone to, “Move, get out the way! Get out the way! Get out the way!” A clean version, of course! ????????????

If you have never driven a big SUV you should try it out! Like It is such a confidence builder and it is extremely fun. And, once you master the command over an SUV,  you can do anything!

Cars Vs. Trucks! Is There Really Any Competition? See How Driving A Large Suv Makes You Feel Like A Bada$$ And Makes You Feel Like The Queen Of The Road.

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