Are You Ready To Let Go Of Your Minivan? Consider These Cars


Is it time to let go of your minivan?

Whether you reluctantly purchased your minivan (like me), or you were totally happy about becoming a minivan owner, I think it’s fair to say that most of us don’t plan on driving a minivan for life. I know I don’t.

I’ve actually grown to love my minivan, but nothing about it makes me feel like I want to drive it forever.  At some point, it will be time to give the minivan up and get a car that I really love, rather than the super practical car my family needs.

So, what’s next? What do you do when you realize that your kids have grown up, life has changed, and driving a minivan just isn’t part of the plan anymore?

You get a new car, of course!

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But what should that new car be?

After years of driving in a safe, comfortable, practical family car, what would you like to see yourself cruising in?

The truth is that your kids still need you, no matter how grown up they are. And you still have a busy life that requires you to get things done and sometimes lug stuff around. So, although you are ready to get something you love, you want to make sure your new ride is safe, stylish, and family-friendly without screaming “soccer mom.”

Here are 6 cars to consider if you are ready to bid your minivan farewell and purchase a car that will make you happy without cramping your sense of style.

The Sporty, Safe, And Spacious Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate

The sporty, safe, and spacious Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0T Ultimate. Photo: Shannon Entin

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is sexy yet practical. It’s big enough to accommodate your growing kids but sleek enough to make you feel amazing while you drive it. It’s also a smooth ride with great features and it’s available at a reasonable price point. Starting at $24,950, it’s definitely worth a test drive and it may win your heart.

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2018 Honda Accord

A new front facia gives the 2018 Accord a more sleek design. Photo: Jenn Greene

Honda Accord

I drove an Accord years ago, and boy have they changed (in a great way!). The new design is revolutionary and I think this family-friendly sedan is great for anyone who still rides with family in tow, but enjoys riding alone just as much. With amazing safety features, an interior that’s as sophisticated as the exterior and recently being bestowed with Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy Award for overall value, I don’t think this car will disappoint. The 2018 Honda Accord starts at $23,570.

Redesigned Camry

The rear end of 2018 Camry LE; the new design lines carry all the way to the tail lights. Photo: Rebecca Lindland

Toyota Camry

If you ask me, the all-new Toyota Camry is gorgeous. Sporty, safe, and ready to take you on new adventures, this car is perfect for the mom that’s ready to downsize. Nothing about this car says soccer mom, but you can fit comfortably fit 5 people when you are in the mood for company (or you just have to drive them around). The 2018 Toyota Camry starts at $23,495.

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2017 Gmc Acadia Denali

2017 GMC Acadia Denali

GMC Acadia

Although the GMC Acadia can be considered a family vehicle by some, it’s versatility and style make it the perfect car for the mom who’s ready to upgrade. The second and third row fold flat making it easy for you to access the space you need or put your not-so-little crew in the car with you (it fits up to seven people). So, whether you are going on a girl’s weekend trip with your friends, or taking your first born to college, this car fits the bill. The GMC Acadia starts at $29,070.

Best Crossover Suv Escaping The City In The Subaru Outback

Escaping the city for a road trip in the Subaru Outback Photo: Terri Marshall

Subaru Outback

Starting at $25,895, when I think of the Subaru Outback, I think of adventure. Now that you are out of the minivan phase, don’t you want to go on a few adventures? Fuel efficient, reliable, versatile, and spacious, the new Outback is worth taking on a spin. The Outback also has a great interior and all the technology you need to blast your favorite tunes as you venture out to enjoy the world around you. Give it a test drive. I promise it might surprise you.

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Ford Suvs

The Ford Expedition has lost some serious weight! Photo: Shannon Entin.

Ford Expedition

Okay, I know this really isn’t downsizing, but sometimes you want to keep all that extra space without the whole “soccer mom” label, right? That’s why I had to include an amazing SUV like the Ford Expedition. With an awesome grill, a split-level cargo organizer, and a third row that folds down, this vehicle makes my heart happy. The interior is sleek and the technology available pretty much includes everything you’d want. I am not really a big car kind of girl, but I think I might have to look at the Expedition when I am done with minivan life. The Ford Expedition starts $51, 695.

Which one of these vehicles appeals to your idea of life after a minivan? Tell us in the comment section below.

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