Why I Bought My Minivan


I never though it would happen to me!

I have spent the better part of my life insisting that I will never drive a minivan. Sure, there were many reasons to buy a minivan but I was convinced that a minivan lacked style and would strip me of every ounce of swag I managed to hold on to after becoming a mom.

Well, guess what? I have a minivan now.

After 9 years of marriage and 3 amazing kids, my husband and I decided it was time. I gave up driving my Toyota Highlander (my husband now drives it and he traded in his Volkswagen Passat) for a 2017 Honda Odyssey EXL.

And honestly, I love my Obsidian Blue Odyssey. Can you believe it? After years of denouncing minivans and worrying about my swag factor, I am happily driving a minivan around town and I love it.

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Kids take up space, but they’re worth it! Photo: Martine Foreman

Making room for the new arrival

Earlier this year, I gave birth to my third child. During my pregnancy, my husband and I talked about possibly getting a minivan, but we were unable to make a final decision.

After she arrived, squeezing into the Highlander wasn’t awful, but it also wasn’t ideal. Not only did we have three kids now, but my husband and I both have aging mothers with health issues. We knew that driving the kids and our moms around would pose a problem. We also had to consider driving around with my aunt and uncle who recently relocated to Maryland to be closer to our family.

Deciding to purchase a minivan wasn’t an easy. We engaged in frequent debates. We went car shopping more than once. We had a hard time selecting the best vehicle for our budget. And we wondered if it truly was the best decision for our family.

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Honda-Odyssey-Minivan Reasons To Buy A Minivan Agirlsguidetocars

Our new “cool to me” Honda Odyssey Photo: Martine Foreman

What if we didn’t love the car?

The more we talked, the more we realized that a minivan would probably be our best option. We thought about space, safety, comfort, and cost. We thought about future road trips and aging parents. We thought about summer fun and soccer games.

And all that thinking led us right to the Honda Odyssey, a car we’ve been enjoying for the last few months. A car we’ve all grown to love.       `

Honda-Odyssey-Minivan Reasons To Buy A Minivan Agirlsguidetocars

All the latest tech makes the minivan cool on the inside Photo: Martine Foreman

Now, I will admit that nothing feels that cool about driving a minivan. I will also admit that car is pretty darn cool on the inside. When I’m in it, I am comfortable and happy and I couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks. You really can’t beat that. And honestly, my swag is still intact. I don’t think the cars I drove ever had much to do with that anyway.


Honda-Odyssey-Minivan Reasons To Buy A Minivan Agirlsguidetocars

Minivan, you had me at “space”! Photo: Martine Foreman

What we love

In case you are wondering what I love so much about our new Honda Odyssey, here are a few things that keep me pretty satisfied:

  • I can fit my entire immediate family and up to 3 additional family members in it.
  • I love all the space I have in the cargo area: With two kids who play soccer, a mom who uses a walker, and a stroller, having a car with lots of trunk space is awesome.
  • It performs well on the road.
  • The technology in it keeps me happy and entertained.
  • My kids absolutely love it (yes, even the baby loves it).

For most of us, a car is a pretty big purchase and you want to drive off in something that you love. I get that. I also know that life changes, and what we love changes with it. When it comes to car shopping, I’ve learned that every car deserves a fair chance.

So, if your family is growing, your parents are aging, or you just want a bigger car, give a minivan a test drive. If a girl like me can find herself enjoying one, I think almost anyone can.

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