The Bentley Blower Jnr is a Little Electric Fantasy

If you've never pictured yourself driving down the road in an tiny electric scaled down version of the iconic 1929 Bentley Blower Junior racer, you will now.

The Bentley Blower Jnr, Right, And Its Gas Powered More Powerful Inspiration, The Bentley Blower. Photo: Kirstin Shaw
The Bentley Blower Jnr, right, and its gas powered more powerful inspiration, the Bentley Blower. Photo: Kirstin Shaw

Bentley Power and Luxury in a Little Electric Package

Golf carts are fun and all, especially when you’re tooling around your neighborhood or driving around a resort town. But what if you could have an all-electric, scaled-down Bentley instead? The luxury brand teamed up with The Little Car Company to create the Blower Junior (or, the Blower Jnr, in Bentley shorthand), a recreation of Bentley’s 1929 Supercharged Bentley. This one, however, is all electric; it’s also 85 percent of the size of the original. The smaller car has a USB charging point, Garmin satellite navigation screen, and backup camera, none of which would have been available in the original.

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A Bentley Legend Returns

The new Blower Junior is an all-electric vehicle that can go up to 45 miles per hour and has a range of
about 65 miles. In Europe, the Blower Junior can be used on most roads except for high-speed highways.

That makes a lot of sense on the other side of the pond, where parking spaces are at a premium, and roads are narrow. However, U.S. laws restrict vehicles to roads with a speed limit under 35 miles per hour. It’s categorized as a “Neighborhood Electric Vehicle,” which means you won’t be able to push it to its top limit. At the same time, you can take a lot of laps around the neighborhood with its 65-mile

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The Interior Of The Bentley Blower Jnr. Photo: Bentley

The interior of the Bentley Blower Jnr. Photo: Bentley

The Bentley Blower Junior – Then and Now

Based on the design of Bentley’s Team Car No. Two, a racing star back in the late 1920s, the Blower Junior is a wonderful tribute. The 1929 Team Car No. Two was so sexy in its time that fans included James Bond creator Ian Fleming. The author even wrote this Bentley into one of his hero’s stories. Bond always did have the best cars.

Bentley’s Blower Junior seats two: one in the front and one in the back. Of course, you can order a special Bentley weekend bag that stows away in a lockable storage area that sits where the fuel tank used to live.

First Edition models will be exclusively available in Blower Green, color matched to the original Bentley Blower, and will have the British flag hand-painted on each side.

The Bentley Blower was a four-cylinder heavyweight beast. It had 240 horsepower, and the Blower’s top speed was 125 miles per hour. Its doppelganger, the Blower Junior, doesn’t have the roar of its great-grandfather. It does retain the brand’s elegant style and luxury features, though, which is no surprise.

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The Entrance To Bentley'S Posh Monterey Car Week Event. Photo: Kristin Shaw

The entrance to Bentley’s posh Monterey Car Week event. Photo: Kristin Shaw

Our Favorite Things about the Bentley Blower Junior

Besides being steeped in tradition, these are our favorite things about the Bentley Blower Junior:

  • Beautiful styling that pays homage to the most famous Team Car No. 2
  • 48V electric powertrain with a 15 kW (20 bhp) motor
  • The body is made from carbon fiber, the bonnet made from aluminum with leather straps
  • Expected range of 65 miles
  • Top speed of 45 mph
  • Tandem seating for two adults, with dedicated luggage space
  • Crafted entirely by hand from authentic materials to match the original
  • Charging port concealed within ‘supercharger’ housing
  • Limited to 99, the First Edition cars will feature Union flags , badging and other unique details
  • Blower Junior will be fully road-legal in the UK, EU and USA

We don’t know yet how much these 85-percent reproduction models will go for, but the Blower Junior is estimated to start in the six-figure range. Only 99 First Edition models are planned, so snap up one of these sophisticated city cars while you can!

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The Bentley Display Includes A One-Of-A-Kind Bentley Continental Gt

The Bentley Display includes a one-of-a-kind Bentley Continental GT. Photo: Kristin Shaw

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