What’s In Your Bag? Make Up Tips for Hitting the Car Show

Opi Nail Polish
A polished look says you mean business

Put Your Best Face Forward 

Planning an outfit for a car show is crucial, but so is strategizing with your make up. You need to carry essentials for touch ups, but you don’t want to be bogged down by too much weight in your bag—particularly since you will be picking up car brochures and the occasional swag.

Miracle Skin Transformer Face Broad Spectrum SPF 20 ($48; we got a sample) is great for spending the day in the dry air environment of the car show—or on an airplane, or just moving around the city. The all in one cream moisturizes and protects skin, while making your face camera ready for all the car shots you will photo bomb. There are 6 tinted shades, so you can skip sunscreen, day cream and foundation. Carry this with your make up for touch ups.

But moisture alone isn’t enough. Glowing skin is the goal, and BB Cream is the answer. While there are many brands on the market and most are very good, our favorite is from Bobbi Brown ($44). BB Cream provides great coverage for all those little flaws in a nutrient-packed balm.

Make Up

Your lips will shine at the car show with this gloss

You could be licking your lips over all the gleaming cars – so your lips need to shine. Whitening Lightning has Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss ($38; we got a sample), a moisturizing lip gloss that also plumps up your lips. The highly pigmented glosses, in 11 shades, offer long lasting color.

Nailed It

When guys at the car show are talking about top coats, you can be sure they aren’t talking about nail polish (or Gary Cooper’s outerwear). But every gal at the auto show should show off her polish with freshly manicured nails. I got mine lacquered at Angelo David Salon in New York City. The salon is also home to Celebrity Hairstylist and Hair Extension Expert Angelo David Pisacreta if you really want to glam up your look (I also got a complimentary blow out).

Hair Apparent

Hair matters, Hilary Clinton even said so. Sloppy or careless hair is a tip-off to a sloppy or careless. And winter time dry air, as well as dry static-filled convention centers, can make the challenge even greater. Fault-free and fast hair styling can be had with a daily dose of Wen ($32), the shampoo-free cleansing and conditioning system you’ve seen on late-night TV. We know, we were skeptical too, but it really works. And if you don’t want to commit to mail order, you can buy a bottle at your nearest Sephora.

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