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OnTheGoOC - Orange County CA Mom of 2 amazing kids & 2 furbabies! Inspired to keep positive, cook, travel, be adventurous & have fun doing it all. I love to keep up with and share all activities, Autism friendly, educational and social things to do in OC & beyond.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | How To Get Your Car Ready For Spring Showers - Prepare Your Car For Spring Featured Image
April 11, 2023
Spring has sprung and that means spring showers and blooms will soon arrive. Here’s how to get your car ready for Spring showers.
Honda Odyssey
December 14, 2022
From “never, not me,” to “sign me up, I’ll drive a minivan,” the new Honda Odyssey convinced me with the safety, conveniences and comforts we need right now
A Girls Guide To Cars | Used: The Re-Tooled 2019 Honda Civic Made Me Feel Like A Kid Again! - 2019 Honda Civic Featured Image
April 13, 2022
Honda Civic is a classic, taking us back to our free-wheeling teen days, but top safety features, luxuries and a great sound system made us love adulting.