About Jordan Almond

Learning to drive in an F-350 dually pickup gave Jordan an early intro into the world of trucks. A lifelong competitive equestrian, she is no stranger to towing and hauling gear or horse trailers.

As a writer, she found herself diving head first into the automotive industry a few years ago. Since then, Jordan has reviewed an array of vehicles from the perspective of the ever active mother of two wild boys.

Jordan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of North Texas. Her love for adventure means all things RV, camper van, overland conversions, and off-road anything are a bit nearer and dearer.

Jordan's fast paced life lived on the move as baseball, soccer, Jiu-Jitsu, and rugby mom provides valuable insights into new and used car and gear reviews. When it comes to practical application, she can put a vehicle through some real paces by simply flinging it into their hectic routine.

When she isn’t nerding out over car stuff, Jordan is probably riding a horse or dirt bike, pretending to be a homesteader, getting in a run, sneaking off on a date with her husband, and existing in a perpetual state of constant cleaning even though everything is still a mess.

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Circuit Of The Americas Nissan Z Nismo
June 4, 2024
When you’re invited for a day of racing, you say yes. Nissan shows us how much fun this can be with hot laps in the Nissan Z, driver chats and day at the Circuit of the Americas
Me With The Sports Cars At The Track With The Supra Manuals. Photo: Toyota
May 27, 2024
Does it ever feel like there’s no place in your life for sports cars? While the ever practical minivan, crossover, […]
2024 Lexus Gx Overtrail
May 22, 2024
Completely redesigned, the 2024 Lexus GX kept the spirit of the original GX, loved for its off-road capability and rugged charm, but added modern touches and more luxury.
The Rugged-Looking 2023 Toyota Sequoia Trd Pro Will Certainly Stand Out On The Road — Especially In The Solar Octane Orange Color. Photo: Allison Bell
May 18, 2024
With 10 (maybe 14?) models, the redesigned and replenished Toyota SUV lineup can be difficult to navigate. We’re here for you–with tips and advice for the Toyota of your dreams.
Mother'S Day Gift Ideas
May 9, 2024
We all know a mom who practically lives behind the wheel. These Mother’s Day gift ideas are perfect her, or for for anyone who’s always on the go.
Chevy Silverado High Country Super Cruise
May 8, 2024
I’m not one to trust technology over my own instincts when towing precious cargo, but then I tried Super Cruise hands-free towing on the Chevy Silverado. I changed my mind.
Latch Car Seat System Nuna
April 24, 2024
LATCH systems are a great way to ensure kids car seats are installed properly. But like anything, it has its limits. Here’s what you need to know, plus a few fun facts
Car Maintenance Paint Remover For Cars
April 10, 2024
How do we get our cars back to their original luster after decorating them? Here are the best car maintenance tips for removing paint after decorating your ride.
Olabisi Boyle Of Hyundai
March 25, 2024
She’s busting stereotypes and setting new standards for women in the auto industry. How? What guides does Olabisi Boyle place on herself, and how does it feel? We had to ask and she gladly shared.
Scotty Reiss And Dianne Craig
March 6, 2024
Authenticity and passion, and learning from those around her, helped Dianne Craig, president of Lincoln Motor Company, to become the second woman to lead this luxury car brand