9 Tips for a Romantic Road Trip – and What to Bring Along to Set the Mood

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Everyone needs a romantic getaway.

For the week or for the weekend, make the most of time with your significant other by starting the romance with a road trip – it’s the perfect way to do it. But don’t just settle for any old road trip. A thrilling drive with someone special is not only exciting but it also encourages closeness. To have the most fun on your trip, put a little effort into setting up your car to set the mood. Here are some ideas to get you rolling.

Plan a good route

The first step is to the perfect trip. Before heading out, research as many cool, fun or romantic places along the route. Maybe a bit of ruin porn in an old abandoned spot, a museum that you’ve heard about, but haven’t had the chance to check out or a romantic vista to watch the sun set.

In Car Diffuser From Jo Malone

In car diffuser from Jo Malone. Photo: Jo Malone

Make a Packing List

Now that you know where you want to go, make sure to pack everything you need before leaving home. A well-stocked car makes for a much better road trip. These nine essentials for a romantic getaway are great for staying in a romantic mood.

1. Set the Mood with an in-car diffuser: Lavender, eucalyptus, and other essential oils can enhance the your car and set the mood. Some of these oils include additional benefits such as stress relief.  Not certain about oils? Try an air vent clip diffuser that will set the mood.

Diffusers, from $7+, come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even get designer diffusers from fragrance designers like Jo Malone.

2. Hand sanitizer: Pop one into the cupholder; it’s a good reminder of the importance of keeping your hands clean. Hand sanitizer, from $10+

3. Picnic basket trunk organizer: Let that stop to watch the sunset double as an early supper or time for a romantic snack. There are lots of options starting at $14+.

4. Travel cooler: Don’t let your fancy meal just ride in the back seat. A personal cooler will keep it from spoiling. There are some nice options starting at $20+.

Steering Wheel Tray Table

Steering wheel tray table. Photo: Amazon

5. Add a tray table to your front seats: Great for drive in movies, romantic vistas in cold climates, or, hot humid days when the A/C brings you together. Push the seats back and enjoy a meal together without using your lap. There are two ways to do this: The steering wheel tray ($15+) or car cup holder tray ($15+) let you enjoy a civil meal in the car.


6. French fry and sauce holder- not for fries, but instead, use it to hold fresh flowers. Fresh flowers make a great gift for your partner, and they’ll also make the inside of your car smell nice. And it’s only about $10.

7. Massage Cushions: That’s a great way to start your romantic weekend; like we need to tell you that. From $50+.

8. Put on a great playlist. Make a file of your favorite songs and add them to your phone. Make sure the list is something that will set the mood for romance! If you don’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and if Bluetooth isn’t an option, you can connect via an AUX adapter, from $8+.

9. Set the mood with lighting. This can really set the stage for a romantic drive. Pick a color that you look good in, and change it up based on the evening’s plans: Red for hitting the clubs, violet for the end of the evening. Kits start at $10+.

Massaging Seats Will Change The Tone Of Your Drive

Massaging seats will change the tone of your drive. Photo: Amazon

Don’t Risk A Breakdown

It’s extremely important to make sure the car you are driving is in good working condition, and that everyone is comfortable before heading out on the road. Check to see if there are any issues that need to be fixed or anything else that may come up during the trip. If it’s the first time you and your S/O are taking a road trip together, do a trial run and see how it goes!

Cabin Ambient Lighting

Cabin ambient lighting. Photo: Amazon

Then, Hit the Road!

Start your epic journey with fun music you both enjoy, take turns choosing songs, and relax. Keep an open mind and stop anywhere that looks interesting or fun. Use all the things you prepped the car with and make sure to take lots of cute pictures with your S/O. Life gets so busy that we don’t often get the chance to create amazing memories with our most important partners, but with a little planning and intention a great trip is just a short ride away.

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