9 of the Sexiest Cars We’ve Driven (So Far!)

Porsche Boxster

You can’t help falling in love with these beautiful machines.

Raise your hand if you fell in love in a car—or even with a car. It’s no secret that automotive brands use words like “sexy” and “sensual” when describing the bodies of their cars because it appeals to us, and none so much as a sports car with long lines and winking headlamps. A sultry growl doesn’t hurt, either. Take a look at some of the sexiest cars we have tested out (all in the name of journalism, of course). A contributor to A Girls Guide to Cars has personally driven each one!

Sexiest Cars

Renaissance Red or Nitro Yellow—which would you choose? Photo: Erica Mueller

1. Toyota Supra

In 2001, the late Paul Walker drove a 1993 Supra stunt car in the first Fast and Furious movie. According to the storyline, the boosted Supra beat a Ferrari in a street race.

Launched in 1979, Toyota stopped producing the Supra in 2002. After years of clamoring for its return, fans got their wish, and the Supra was re-launched for model year 2020. This sleek roadster shares a platform with the BMW Z4, which has its own level of appeal, but it also has its own personality. It’s available in two trims – the base 2.0 or the more-powerful 3.0 – and I highly recommend the 3.0 Premium, which comes with a spectacular 12-speaker JBL audio system that pumps your heart for you when you turn it up. It’s loud, and it is not afraid to stride into any space with confidence. Especially in Renaissance Red 2.0 and Nitro Yellow.

Island Motorsport Circuit

The MX-5 handled perfectly on the circuit and off. ?: Connie Peters

2. Mazda Miata

What makes the Mazda MX-5 Miata so appealing is not just the ridiculously reasonable price for this little sports car; it’s also absolute joy when you’re driving it. The MX-5 Miata doesn’t come with a heap of bells and whistles but it comes with enough, and that’s what matters. When you’re driving a Miata convertible, all you need is some sunscreen and a cold beverage. A flick of the wrist opens the simple structure of the convertible top and you’re off.

You can get a Miata in automatic or manual, so go with whatever makes you happy. Mazda makes the best red on the market, in my opinion; a Miata in Soul Red Crystal Metallic would be a perfect valentine, don’t you think?

Sexiest Cars

You have to pose after laps around Sonoma Raceway! Photo: Ashton Munoz

3. Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Power is sexy, and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat has it and then some. The Hellcat is more like a lion than a domesticated cat, and it’s the full muscle car experience. Dodge calls it the Brotherhood of Muscle after the Dodge brothers who founded the company, but to me, the Challenger is a prime vehicle for a woman to roar off into the sunset with whomever they want. Unapologetically rowdy, the Challenger Hellcat does not go quietly.

A Challenger Hellcat starts with an eye-popping 717 horsepower and ratchets up to 797 hp in the Redeye trim. Are these numbers music to your ears? Then this muscle car is for you. If a perfect date is a drag race or a day at the track, a Challenger Hellcat will set your heart afire.

Sexiest Cars

Sunny California days. and the Lexus LC 500 are a perfect pairing. Photo: Connie Peters

4. Lexus LC 500

Next up is the supremely comfortable, incredibly elegant Lexus LC 500. LC stands for luxury coupe, and it delivers on that promise. I prefer this suave sports car in the hybrid version; 600+ miles of range on one tank is incredibly attractive. This is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever driven, and it’s pleasant on road trips, too. Grab your loved one and go away for the weekend in this beauty; the sound of the hybrid powertrain alone is like listening to a charming suitor serenading you. Get it in Infrared if you like it hot, Flare Yellow if you love attention, or the silky-smooth Nightfall Mica in a dreamy blue.

Sexiest Ccars

Photo: Scotty Reiss

5. Aston Martin DBX

Scotty had a torrid 22-hour affair with this brand-new SUV from British brand Aston Martin, and she fell hard for the plush leather and impeccably-styled interior. She nailed it with this description: “From the touch, feel and sensory experience, being in the DBX is not unlike a visit to a Frédéric Fekkai salon: the fresh, clean, slightly fruity, slightly earthy scent is completely addictive, and you’ll crave when you’re not wrapped in it.”

Power, all-wheel-drive mode, loads of elegance, and a nearly unlimited color palette you can order up through the online custom configurator. It’s love at first sight.

Sexiest Cars

A back road, top down, and 394 horsepower. Joy. Photo: Scotty Reiss

6. Porsche Boxter

A base Porsche Boxter starts at less than $60,000, meaning this sexy two-door coupé can be surprisingly affordable. It’s a Porsche, which means it’s flush with precise German engineering. With room in the trunk and the frunk, you can toss a few bags in the Boxter and take a few days off for rest and relaxation. The one-touch drop top convertible is impressive and effortless and it’s ready for a ride to see the sunset. Or the sunrise. Or both.

If you go for the bucket sport seats clad in Race-Tex, Porsche’s vegan microfiber suede, you’ll love the feel against your skin. It’s warm, inviting, and supremely soft.

Sexiest Cars

This car made my birthday week extra fun. Photo: Erica Mueller

7. Ford Mustang

The name alone of Ford’s iconic Mustang evokes a wild, uninhibited ride, and this car delivers. Since 1964, the Mustang has inspired people of all ages. The newest models have improved suspension over the models of yesteryear, smoothing out the bumps on the way to date night. One thing I especially love about the Mustang is that there is a trim for every budget, from about $27,000 to more than $50,000 for the Mach 1 model. If it’s an iconic body style that revs your engine, the Mustang is the one for you.

Sexiest Cars

Like a tiger on a leash. Photo: Kristin Shaw

8. Lamborghini Aventador

From the curves of the design to the low, throaty growl, Lamborghini’s Aventador is for thrill seekers who prefer roller coasters to wine bars—but also wouldn’t complain about a nice glass of pinot grigio. It’s a spicy experience that would approach indecent if it didn’t have the Italian pedigree behind it. This sports car is powered by a screaming V12 that reverberates through your entire body when you rev it and it’s exciting. While the brand stopped making this supercar model in 2019, there are plenty on the market. Or you might check out its younger sibling, the Huracán, which is named after a famous fighting bull.

Sexiest Cars

An interior to die for. Photo: Erica Mueller

9. Chevrolet Corvette C8

In 2020, the Chevrolet Corvette was given a makeover for its 8th generation and the engine was moved from the front to the midsection of the car. This changed the center of gravity for the long-bodied ‘Vette, and transformed it with more of a supercar look. Set up like a jet cockpit inside, the center console might make it a challenge to hold hands with the one you love. No matter, though, because you’ll both be too busy enjoying the conversation and sweet 14-speaker Bose audio system. And you’ll look so cool wherever you’re headed.


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