7 Travel Containers to Make Life Spill-Free in the Car

Travel Containers

Holiday Road TripGet Your Gingerbread Men to the Party in One Piece.

We can’t help you with the messes the kids make in the car, but we can help you prevent your cakes, soups and dips from becoming road kill.

If you’ve signed up for the office pot luck or plan to bring a family favorite for Grandma’s, we’ve researched some great items that will help you transport your holiday goodies without risking a huge mess in the back seat.

Travel Containers Perfect for Holiday Outings 

If you’re wondering why you might want these things before hitting the road, take it from me. I learned the hard way. I always bring deviled eggs to parties, and those little suckers are slippery. Picture it, three-dozen deviled eggs all in a row on a 13 x 9 inch baking pan in the back seat, then out jumps a deer and I hit the brakes. We went from deviled eggs to egg salad. Ever tried to transport a liquid in the car? It could take forever to get some smells out of the carpet. Once again, I speak from experience.

Cars with great cargo organization include the Nissan Rogue and the Chrysler Pacifica

So I was excited to come across may of these items at my local stores, and they are very affordable.

1. Home Essentials Insulated Carrying Tote

This tote ($9.99) will not only transport your items without a spill in the car but it will also help keep them warm. You can purchase this tote in a 13×9 size at any local home store. I love that it fully zips and has an easy carry handle.

Holiday Road Trip

Home Essentials Insulated Carrying Tote photo credit: Jenn Greene

2. Pie Carrier by Good Cook

You spend hours baking a homemade pie only for it to arrive with broken crust. That’s no way to kick off a celebration. With this pie carrier ($13.60) you can safely get your 10″ pie to its final destination. If your pie is hot out of the oven you can open the vent on top to release the heat during transport, no need to wait for it to cool. With a snap-and-go lid and easy to carry handle your holiday pie will be the talk of the town.

3. Snapware Snap ‘n Stack Egg-Tainer

Where was this when I almost hit the deer? This stackable container ($9.99) will carry a dozen eggs and has four clasps for tight closing and a handle for carrying. When you arrive, simply open the container and place the trays out on display. The compact design also allows for minimal fridge space to be taken up when storing your eggs until you are ready to go.

Holiday Road Trip

4. Pyrex 4 Lock Premium Storage

Dips are a holiday favorite, however putting foil over a bowl will not keep the back seat from getting covered in sour cream. The Pyrex 4 Lock bowls (from $7.99) and containers have a system that not only snaps the lid on but locks it in place. They are also stack-able and will save space. The clear glass bowls allow you to unsnap the lids and serve directly from them. If you want to make it look a little more festive place a charger under it.

Holiday Road Trip

Pyrex 4 Lock Storage stops unwanted spills. Photo Credit: Jenn Greene

5. Cupcake Carousel

Not only is this practical but it’s cute, too. The cupcake carousel ($29.99) allows you to store and transport a dozen cupcakes. You can decorate them in the most festive ways because the carousel has stacking holders inside so the cupcakes don’t touch one another.

Holiday Road Trip

Cupcake Carousel allows your cupcakes to travel without being knocked over. Photo: Jenn Greene

6. Crock Pot Single Hand Cook & Carry

This one is a game changer! Now you can lock, grab and go with just a single hand. The Crock-Pot Slow Cooker ($64.99) combines convenient portability features, like the secure-fit locking lid, together with an easy-grasp handle, so you can cook and then carry your dish. No more spills all over the trunk because of a loose lid. The four locking sides snap in place to be completely secure.

Holiday Road Trip

Photo: Crock Pot

7. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs 

I have yet to find a portable container meant specifically for cookies. My personal preference in transporting cookies without them breaking are large rectangle Rubbermaid TakeAlongs (from $4.99). You can stack two dozen cookies and secure them with the snap tight lids. These are also fairly inexpensive, so if you forget the container it’s not a big deal. You will arrive with cookies in tact and not in crumbles for your Holiday party.

One final trick for transporting food containers in the car is to stack them in a box or sturdy bag so they won’t shift during the ride. I have been known to buckle in my crock pot into the back seat because a lovingly crafted chili is a precious thing, too.

I hope you’ll get to your holiday gatherings with your treats in tact, and don’t forget to take your cool new gear home with you at the end of the night!

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