Looking for a Wild Ride? Netflix’s 6 Underground Has It, and the Alfa Romeos Will Take Your Breath Away

6 Underground

The most expensive Netflix pic ever, with maybe the most lavish lineup of cars, ever.

Exotic cars zooming through the historic plazas and cobblestone streets of Florence Italy, driven by pro drivers is enough to make your heart stop. But directed by Michael Bay– known for creating thrilling visual feasts– and starring Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), this Netflix film, filled with big explosions, jumps and stunts, may be the ultimate car chase movie. And it’s a great solution to your boredom problem during quarantine. So grab the popcorn and sit tight because you’re in for a ride!

6 Underground, which is titled for the main cast of superhero agents, kicks off with a custom neon green Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio being chased by a sexy Maserati Quattroporte through the streets of Florence. Shot beautifully using slow-motion and vivid colors, it’s a car lovers treat. Or sorrow: this is probably the most destructive car chase ever seen in a film.

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One is the Loneliest Number

6 Underground starts with number 1, a vigilante billionaire whiz kid who takes it upon himself to solve world problems. He recruits five other highly skilled individuals to help him with these missions. A doctor, a sniper, a former CIA agent, a hitman, a war vet, and a stuntman. Number 1 basically takes each person and makes them into 6 untraceable agents. He erases them from the earth and even gives them funerals so that no one stays connected to them. He identifies each person by a number, not for discretion but because he doesn’t want to grow feelings for anyone knowing any of them can die. One of his rules is not going back for anyone or trying to save them. But when the war vet comes onto the team, things change.

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Delete the Past, Save the Future

The team’s mission is basically to stop bad people in the world from accomplishing their goals to harm the world. Billionaires trying to profit from world starvation, war and disease is not what Number 1 believes in. He wants to take down the bad guys which is why he forms his team. The film follows the team’s mission to defeat a Middle Eastern dictator with lots of dry humor, stunts, gory graphics (like when Number 1 holds an eyeball!) and pop culture references along the way. There’s so much action, it will keep you on edge.

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Other Cars Seen in 6 Underground


Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The model featured in the film is an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio that was painted neon green, a hue specially made for the movie.

Here are some specs on this awesome ride.

  • Horsepower 505
  • Torque 443 at 2,500RPM
  • MPH Top Speed 191
  • 0-60 seconds 3.8
  • Cylinder V6
  • Fuel 17 city 24 highway
  • Price $74,245+


Two Thumbs Up

I really enjoyed this film and have to give it two thumbs up. It was highly entertaining, fun to watch and kept me on the edge of my seat. I love great filming effects, special effects, graphics and strong use of color when it comes to films. And I enjoy Ryan Reynold’s dry sense of humor. Plus there are two badass ladies on the team and the group is diverse. If you haven’t watched it yet, put this on your list for your next movie night ?

Listen to the Soundtrack

Aside from being a great film, the soundtrack for 6 Underground was pretty awesome, too.

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