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All the more reason to keep a tube in your car: Sunscreen, well known for its anti-sunburn and cancer prevention properties, can keep you from looking old. A new study proves that sunscreen can prevent skin from aging. The New York Times reported that people who use sunscreen daily slow the development of wrinkles.

Sunscreen should be part of your daily routine from childhood on, and it’s not too late to start using it to decrease the chance of getting more wrinkles.

The study was undertaken in Australia– a good place to study the sun’s effects, since the sun is so strong there.

Australia’s contribution to skin care doesn’t end there, though. Santalia‘s  natural acne products use Sandalwood to create a gentle cleanser. The over-the-counter treatment plan has no harsh chemicals that can further inflame already sensitive skin.

Santalia-Cleanser-600-BlueSantalia’s cleanser is gentle on sensitive skinWhat’s great is that teens can use the products with no side effects. My daughter tried the Acne Therapy Kit, which includes cleanser, serum, a mask, and a spot treatment. Because she can’t usually be bothered with any skin care regimen, and wants immediate relief, she just used the foam cleanser and the spot treatment. We have found that other spot treatments are too harsh for her delicate complexion, but this one, with no benzyl peroxide, sulfates, artificial fragrance, dyes or preservatives, combated her blemishes without irritation.

If you are tired of your guy raiding your side of the medicine cabinet, Organic Male has an organic, complete skin care line for men, with four color-coded products. There are different lines for those sensitive, oily, normal, or dry skin.

The idea is that men can take care of their skin in four ‘fast and easy’ steps in four minutes or less.

Naturally, each of the four lines has four core products, one to cleanse, (‘Wash”) one to tone, (“Balance”) one to heal (“Bioactivate”) and one to moisturize (“Defend”). Keeping it simple is the way to a guy’s heart; my husband’s entire skin care regimen consists of scraping the blood off his face after he shaves.

Organic Male also has an athlete’s foot treatment that has natural antifungal and antibacterial ingredients like lavender and calendula. Afterall, keeping that end of the spectrum pretty is important, too.

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