Super Bowl Car Ads Promise Sweetness, Stars and Fun

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SteerthescriptWe’ve heard more than a few ladies admit to having a Jimmy Fallon crush (who doesn’t a love celeb who loves his mom?), and more than a few men belly laugh at his late night antics. So how smart was Lincoln Motor Company to get the Fallon team behind the re-launch of the brand?

But Lincoln went a step further, not just enlisting Fallon– who did pretty well with his campaign for Capital One— but ensliting Fallon’s audience, too: The Late Night Hash Tag segment of the program was used to source outrageous ideas and create new commercials for Lincoln.

The first spots will air on Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast, and will feature Tweeted tales of travel trepidation and adventure sourced from Fallon’s audience. Take a peek at the campaign, SteerTheScript , as it progresses.

Crush might be a good word to describe all the car ads slotted for this year’s ad extravaganza, and it promises to be entertaining. The automakers and ad teams have not only been letting their creative juices flow, they’ve also brought in big guns to create wowser ads designed to get our attention. Kia might be the first to take our hearts, though, with it’s “Babylandia” campaign featuring a strutting space conquering baby:


Volkswagen came to the game to spread happiness, and who couldn’t like that? They even bring a Rastafarian-accented “Don’t Worry Be Happy”-esque white dude to spread the message, packaged in a riff on the iconic 1970’s Coca-Cola campaign “I’d Like to Buy The World A Coke” accompanied by a Partridge Family-like theme song. It’s a pretty good mashup that draws chuckles, and watch out, the theme song will stick in your head.


Now for the adult part of the blog post:

Kate Upton, her cleavage, soap suds, football studs and the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. Nuff said.


And Toyota has cute-as-pie Kaley Cuoco (of Big Bang fame) and her pup, walking through urban streets, both dressed head to toe in purple –she sports killer purple suede pumps–and granting wishes to passersby to the beat of Skee-Lo’s hip-hop hit I Wish.


You’re now primed not to miss any of the ad action; go enjoy the game day buffet (and the game, too), and keep an ear out for these spots, as they are bound to be just the beginnnig of a lot of Super Bowl surprises.


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