OnStar Makes Following Santa’s Trek Easy

A Girls Guide To Cars | Onstar Makes Following Santa'S Trek Easy - Onstar And Santas World Norad Santa Tracker 2

Onstar And Santas-World-Norad-Santa-Tracker 2OnStar Teams Up With NORAD Santa Tracker!

Will your family be traveling on Christmas Eve? Are your kids worried they won’t know where Santa is during your trip?

Follow Santa’s Every Move!

If you have OnStar you will be able to Track Santa by clicking your blue OnStar button.

OnStar is again teaming up with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Each year, NORAD conducts a special mission on December 24 – following Santa across the globe. Their goal is to ensure Santa experiences safe travels during his yuletide journey.

Onstar Logo RecentUsing NORAD’s Official Santa Route information, OnStar will provide any active subscriber the opportunity to monitor Old St. Nick’s magical Christmas Eve trek from his or her vehicle with a simple press of the blue OnStar button.

On Christmas Eve, between the hours of 7:00 am EST and 5:00 am EST Christmas morning, anyone with an active OnStar subscription can press their blue OnStar button and request a “Santa Update.” The advisor will provide Santa’s current location using Santa’s Official Route information provided by NORAD.

This is the fifth year OnStar has participated in the NORAD Tracks Santa program, and the first Christmas Eve OnStar subscribers in Mexico can get a “Santa Update.”

Don’t have an OnStar subscription? No problem. You can follow Santa by calling the NORAD Tracks Santa hotline – 877 HI-NORAD (877 446-6723) or visiting www.noradsanta.org

Onstar And Santas-World-Norad-Santa-Tracker

Listen to a few example OnStar calls from last year’s Christmas Eve NORAD Santa Tracker:

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